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Constant-time equal function on string


Dune Dependency





v0.10 2024-06-14 Kyoto (Japon)

  • Implement functions provided by eqaf on bytes (@FantomeBeignet, #41)

  • Choose the right clock on MSVC systems (@dra27, #40)

  • Fix the lower bounds about base64 (@hannesm, #45)

  • Split eqaf and eqaf-cstruct (@dinosaure, @hannesm, #43)

v0.9 2022-07-24 Paris (France)

  • Add support of OCaml 5.00 (@kit-ty-kate, #37)

  • Add support for current-bench and fix bad r² for unequal strings (@Zined-Ada, @art-w, #38)

  • Add benchmark with bechamel (@Zineb-Ada, @art-w, #38)

v0.8 2021-08-06 Paris (France)

  • Fix the check tool on 4.11.0 (@dinosaure, @cfcs, @stedolan, #30) The compilation on 4.11 triggers a case where the locality of the expected value when we test exists_uint8 must be the same. Otherwise, the access to this value can have a cost which faults our result.

  • Add several utility functions (@cfcs, @dinosaure, #26)

    • bytes_of_hex & string_of_hex, hex decoding

    • hex_of_bytes & hex_of_string, hex encoding

    • divmod, unsigned int32 division with small divisors

    • ascii_of_int32, conversion from int32 to decimal string representation

    • lowercase_ascii & uppercase_ascii, constant-time implementation of String.{lower,upper}case_ascii

    • select_a_if_in_range, like select_int but only supporting positive ranges

    • int_of_bool & bool_of_int, constant-time of Bool.to_int

    A documentation exists for each function. The constant-time is checked only systematically for divmod.

  • Merge optional sub-packages (@kit-ty-kate, @hannesm, @dinosaure, #27) cstruct becomes a required dependency of eqaf

  • Fix FreeBSD support and remove support of < OCaml 4.07 and remove the dependency to bigarray-compat (@hannesm, @dinosaure, #32)

  • Add a CI on FreeBSD (@dinosaure, @hannesm, #33)

  • Remove the test check/check.exe (@dinosaure, #31) The test check/check.exe is really volatile and should be executed into a controlled environment (for instance, with nice -n19 and a bare-metal computer). We still require the test for any improvement of eqaf but it is executed separately from our CI.

v0.7 2020-04-16 Paris (France)

  • Add find_uint8 (@dinosaure, @cfcs, #20)

  • Add exists_uint8 (@dinosaure, @cfcs, #20)

v0.6 2020-03-11 Paris (France)

  • remove build dependency on dune (@CraigFe, #16)

  • add bigarray-compat and optional dependencies (@hannesm, #17)

  • add select_int, one_if_not_zero, zero_if_not_zero (@cfcs, @dinosaure, #19, #18)

v0.5 2019-07-01 Paris (France)

  • Delete min and use <> operator to compare length on equal function

  • Implementation of compare_{be,le}{,with_len} function (@cfcs, @hannesm, @dinosaure)

  • Test on compare function (@dinosaure)

  • Unit test on compare (@dinosaure)

  • Fuzz test on compare (@dinosaure)

  • Documentation (@dinosaure, @cfcs)

v0.4 2019-05-24 Paris (France)

  • Distribution integrate an attack example

  • Fuzzer to test equal function

  • Unroll internal loop over 16 bits integers instead 32 bits

  • Put x86 ASM output in implementation (and audit)

  • Do second check even if first on fails (bad r²)

  • Avoid indirection to Pervasives functions

v0.3 2019-05-02 Paris (France)

  • Provide Eqaf_bigstring

  • Provide Eqaf_cstruct

  • New check tool and delete any dependencies on eqaf package (@dinosaure, @hannesm, @cfcs)

NOTE: This version is buggy, you MUST use v0.2 or v0.4

v0.2 2018-10-15 Paris (France)

  • Dunify project

  • Update OPAM file

  • Avoid core_bench dependency

  • Make benchmark to test constant-time on eqml

  • Move equal function to the OCaml implementation (instead C implementation)

  • Port benchmark on Windows and Mac OSX

v0.1 2018-08-31 Paris (France)

  • First release


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