package github-jsoo

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The Stats module exposes the functionality of GitHub's repository statistics API which provides historical data regarding the aggregate behavior of a repository.

val contributors : ?token:Token.t -> user:string -> repo:string -> unit -> Github_t.contributor_stats Stream.t

contributors ~user ~repo () is a stream of all contributor statistics for user/repo. The stream is empty if the data are not cached yet.

val yearly_commit_activity : ?token:Token.t -> user:string -> repo:string -> unit -> Github_t.commit_activity Stream.t

yearly_commit_activity ~user ~repo () returns the last year of commit activity grouped by week for user/repo. The days array is a group of commits per day, starting on Sunday. The stream is empty if the data are not cached yet.

val weekly_commit_activity : ?token:Token.t -> user:string -> repo:string -> unit -> Github_t.code_frequency Stream.t

weekly_commit_activity ~user ~repo () returns a weekly aggregate of the number of additions and deletions pushed to user/repo. The stream is empty if the data are not cached yet.

val weekly_commit_count : ?token:Token.t -> user:string -> repo:string -> unit -> Github_t.participation Response.t Monad.t

weekly_commit_count ~user ~repo () returns the total commit counts for the owner and total commit counts in all. all is everyone combined, including the owner in the last 52 weeks. If you'd like to get the commit counts for non-owners, you can subtract owner from all.

The array order is oldest week (index 0) to most recent week.

val hourly_commit_count : ?token:Token.t -> user:string -> repo:string -> unit -> Github_t.punch_card Stream.t

hourly_commit_count ~user ~repo () returns the hourly commit count for each day. Each array contains the day number, hour number, and number of commits:

  • 0-6: Sunday - Saturday
  • 0-23: Hour of day
  • Number of commits For example, 2, 14, 25 indicates that there were 25 total commits, during the 2:00pm hour on Tuesdays. All times are based on the time zone of individual commits.

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