package github-jsoo

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The Check module exposes Github's checks API.

val create_check_run : ?token:Token.t -> owner:string -> repo:string -> body:string -> unit -> Github_t.check_run Response.t Monad.t

create_check_run ~owner ~repo ~body creates a new check run for a specified commit in a repository.

See create-a-check-run.

val update_check_run : ?token:Token.t -> owner:string -> repo:string -> check_run_id:string -> body:string -> unit -> Github_t.check_run Response.t Monad.t

update_check_run ~owner ~repo ~check_run_id ~body for a specified check_run_id in a repository.

See update-a-check-run.

val get_check_run : ?token:Token.t -> owner:string -> repo:string -> check_run_id:string -> unit -> Github_t.check_run Response.t Monad.t

get_check_run ~owner ~repo ~check_run_id using its check_run_id in a repository.

See get-a-check-run.

val list_annotations : ?token:Token.t -> owner:string -> repo:string -> check_run_id:string -> unit -> Github_t.check_run_annotations Response.t Monad.t

list_annotations ~owner ~repo ~check_run_id for a check run using the annotation check_run_id.

See list-check-run-annotations.

val list_check_runs : ?token:Token.t -> owner:string -> repo:string -> check_suite_id:string -> unit -> Github_t.check_runs_list Response.t Monad.t

list_check_runs ~owner ~repo ~check_suite_id in a check suite using its check_suite_id.

See list-check-runs-in-a-check-suite.

val list_check_runs_for_ref : ?token:Token.t -> owner:string -> repo:string -> sha:string -> ?check_name:string -> ?app_id:string -> ?status:string -> unit -> Github_t.check_runs_list Response.t Monad.t

list_check_runs_for_ref ~owner ~repo ~sha, the sha can be a SHA, branch name, or a tag name.

See list-check-runs-for-a-git-reference.

val create_check_suite : ?token:Token.t -> owner:string -> repo:string -> body:string -> unit -> Github_t.check_suite Response.t Monad.t

create_check_suite ~owner ~repo ~body where body is the sha of the head commit.

See create-a-check-suite.

val update_preferences_for_check_suites : ?token:Token.t -> owner:string -> repo:string -> body:string -> unit -> Github_t.check_suite_preferences Response.t Monad.t

update_preferences_for_check_suites ~owner ~repo ~body changes the default automatic flow when creating check suites. Where body contains an array of auto_trigger_checks

See update-repository-preferences-for-check-suites.

val get_check_suite : ?token:Token.t -> owner:string -> repo:string -> check_suite_id:int -> unit -> Github_t.check_suite Response.t Monad.t

get_check_suite ~owner ~repo ~check_suite_id retrieves a single check_suite using its check_suite_id

See get-a-check-suite.

val rerequest_check_suite : ?token:Token.t -> owner:string -> repo:string -> check_suite_id:int -> unit -> unit Response.t Monad.t

rerequest_check_suite ~owner ~repo ~check_suite_id triggers GitHub to rerequest an existing check suite, without pushing new code to a repository.

See rerequest-a-check-suite.

val list_check_suites_for_ref : ?token:Token.t -> owner:string -> repo:string -> sha:string -> unit -> Github_t.check_suite_list Response.t Monad.t

list_check_suites_for_ref ~owner ~repo ~sha lists check suites for a commit sha.

See list-check-suites-for-a-git-reference.


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