package gitlab-unix

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Functions corresponding to direct API requests return Response.t values inside of Monad.t values so that more information about the request can be made available. Monad.(>>~) is a convenience operator that lets you bind directly to the carried value.

type redirect =
  1. | Temporary of Uri.t

    The redirection is temporary.

  2. | Permanent of Uri.t

    The redirection is permanent.


redirect indicates whether the originally requested endpoint should continue to be used in the future.

type 'a t = private < value : 'a ; redirects : redirect list.. >

'a t is an API response containing a payload of type 'a. Do not refer to this type explicitly as its identity and representation are subject to change (e.g. a family of object types may replace it before 3.0).

val value : < value : 'a.. > -> 'a

value r is the payload in response r.

val redirects : < redirects : redirect list.. > -> redirect list

redirects r is the sequence of redirects prior to response r.

val final_resource : redirect list -> redirect option

final_resource rs is the single redirect, if any redirects occurred, that describes the overall redirect chain rs. If any redirect rs is temporary, final_resource rs will be a temporary redirect to the final URI. If all redirects rs are permanent, final_resource rs will be a permanent redirect to the final URI.


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