package gitlab-unix

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The User module provides access to User API.

val by_id : id:string -> unit -> Gitlab_t.user Response.t Monad.t

by_id ~id () is the user information for user id.

See Single User.

val by_name : name:string -> unit -> Gitlab_t.users Response.t Monad.t

by_name ~name () search for user by name.

See List Users.

val projects : id:string -> unit -> Gitlab_t.projects_short Response.t Monad.t

projects ~id () list user projects for user id.

See List User Projects.

val merge_requests : token:Token.t -> ?state:Gitlab_t.state -> ?milestone:string -> ?labels:string list -> ?author:string -> ?author_username:string -> ?my_reaction:string -> ?scope:Gitlab_t.merge_request_scope -> unit -> Gitlab_t.merge_request Stream.t

merge_requests () list all merge requests the authenticated user has access to.

See List merge requests.

val events : token:Token.t -> id:string -> ?action:Gitlab_t.event_action_name -> ?target_type:Gitlab_t.event_target_type -> unit -> Response.t Monad.t

events ~token ~id get the contribution events for the specified user.

See Get user contribution events.

module PersonalAccessToken : sig ... end

Personal access tokens for User authentication.


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