A library for simplifying rendering of large amounts of data
type t
include Ppx_sexp_conv_lib.Sexpable.S with type t := t
val t_of_sexp : Sexplib0.Sexp.t -> t
val sexp_of_t : t -> Sexplib0.Sexp.t
val compare : t -> t -> int
val move_focus_row : Table_intf.Focus_dir.t -> t

Moves the current focus in a given direction. If there is no focus it focuses the top or bottom row on moving down and up respectively.

val move_focus_col : Table_intf.Focus_dir.t -> t
val set_focus_row : Row_id.t option -> t
val set_focus_col : Column_id.t option -> t
val page_focus_row : Table_intf.Focus_dir.t -> t