package irmin-mem

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Private commit store.

Commit Store

include Irmin.AO with type key = Commit.Hash.t

Append-only stores

Append-only stores are read-only store where it is also possible to add values. Keys are derived from the values raw contents and hence are deterministic.

include Irmin.RO with type key = Commit.Hash.t

Read-only stores

type t

The type for read-only backend stores.

type key = Commit.Hash.t

The type for keys.

type value

The type for raw values.

val mem : t -> key -> bool Lwt.t

mem t k is true iff k is present in t.

val find : t -> key -> value option Lwt.t

find t k is Some v if k is associated to v in t and None is k is not present in t.

val add : t -> value -> key Lwt.t

Write the contents of a value to the store. It's the responsibility of the append-only store to generate a consistent key.

val merge : t -> info:Irmin.Info.f -> key option Irmin.Merge.t

merge is the 3-way merge function for commit keys.

module Key : Irmin.Hash.S with type t = key

Key provides base functions for commit keys.

module Val : Irmin.Private.Commit.S with type t = value and type commit = key with type node = Node.key

Val provides functions for commit values.

Node is the underlying node store.