package lambda-term

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Module type
Class type

Class of edition widgets. If no clipboard is provided, then the global one is used.

method engine : edit Zed_edit.t

The edition engine used by this widget.

method cursor : Zed_cursor.t

The cursor used by this widget.

method context : edit Zed_edit.context

The context for editing the engine.

method clipboard : Zed_edit.clipboard

The clipboard used by the edition engine.

method macro : action Zed_macro.t

The macro recorder.

method text : Zed_string.t

Shorthand for Zed_rope.to_string (Zed_edit.text edit#engine).

method editable : int -> int -> bool

The editable function of the engine.

method match_word : Zed_rope.t -> int -> int option

The match word function of the engine.

method locale : string option

The locale used by the engine.

method set_locale : string option -> unit
method bind : LTerm_key.t list -> action list -> unit
method vscroll : LTerm_widget.scrollable

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