package lambda-term

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Module type
Class type

Widgets resources

type t

Type of resources.

val empty : t

The empty set of resources.

val get : string -> t -> string

get key resources returns the key associated to the last pattern that matches key in resources, or the empty string if no pattern matches key.

val add : string -> string -> t -> t

add pattern value returns the new set of resources with the binding pattern -> value at the end.

val merge : t -> t -> t

merge res1 res2 merges the two given sets of resources.

exception Error of string

Exception raised when the contents of a resource is invalid.

val get_bool : string -> t -> bool option

get_bool name resources reads the boolean encoded in resources.

val get_color : string -> t -> LTerm_style.color option

get_color name resources reads the color encoded in resources.

val get_style : string -> t -> LTerm_style.t

get_style prefix resources reads the style encoded in resources.

val get_connection : string -> t -> LTerm_draw.connection

get_connection name resources

exception Parse_error of string * int * string

Parse_error(source, line, msg) is raised when a parsing error is encountered in the input.

val parse : string -> t

parse str parses a string for a list of properties. str must follow the format of X resources files. i.e. comments start with a !, empty lines are ignored, and configuration lines looks-like:

key: value
val load : string -> t Lwt.t

Same as parse but parses the contents of a file.

val home : string

The home directory.

type xdg_location =
  1. | Cache
  2. | Config
  3. | Data

    The type for user-specific 'cached', 'configuration' and 'data' files.

val xdgbd_file : loc:xdg_location -> ?legacy_name:string -> string -> string

xdgbd_file ~loc fn returns the full file-name for a file fn in the XDG Base Directory corresponding to the variant given by loc.

E.g. xdgbd_file ~loc:LTerm_resources.Cache app_history would return something like "/home/user/.cache/app_history"

Follows the XDG Base Directory specification:

If the optional parameter legacy_name is given, first check if there is already a file with the given name in the user's home directory. If it finds such a file, it returns that filename, else it resorts to regular behavior.


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