package libsail

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val assigned_vars : 'a Ast.exp -> Ast_util.IdSet.t

Return the set of mutable variables assigned to in the given AST.

val assigned_vars_in_fexps : 'a Ast.fexp list -> Ast_util.IdSet.t
val assigned_vars_in_pexp : 'a Ast.pexp -> Ast_util.IdSet.t
val assigned_vars_in_lexp : 'a Ast.lexp -> Ast_util.IdSet.t
val pat_id_is_variable : Type_check.env -> -> bool

Variable bindings in patterns and expressions

val bindings_from_pat : Type_check.tannot Ast.pat -> list
val bound_vars : 'a Ast.exp -> Ast_util.IdSet.t
val equal_kids_ncs : Ast.kid -> Ast.n_constraint list -> Ast_util.KidSet.t

Type-level substitutions into patterns and expressions. Also attempts to update type annotations, but not the associated environments.