package libsail

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Infrastructure for plugins to register Sail targets.

A target is essentially a custom backend for the Sail compiler, along with various hooks and options that toggle various frontend behaviours. A target therefore specifies what kind of output Sail will produce. For example, we provide default plugins that define targets to output Lem, C, OCaml, Coq, and so on.

Target type and accessor functions

type target
val name : target -> string
val run_pre_parse_hook : target -> unit -> unit
val action : target -> Yojson.Basic.t option -> string -> string option -> Type_check.tannot Ast_defs.ast -> Effects.side_effect_info -> Type_check.Env.t -> unit
val asserts_termination : target -> bool

Target registration

val register : name:string -> ?flag:string -> ?description:string -> ?options:(Stdlib.Arg.key * Stdlib.Arg.spec * Stdlib.Arg.doc) list -> ?pre_parse_hook:(unit -> unit) -> ?pre_rewrites_hook: (Type_check.tannot Ast_defs.ast -> Effects.side_effect_info -> Type_check.Env.t -> unit) -> ?rewrites:(string * Rewrites.rewriter_arg list) list -> ?asserts_termination:bool -> (Yojson.Basic.t option -> string -> string option -> Type_check.tannot Ast_defs.ast -> Effects.side_effect_info -> Type_check.Env.t -> unit) -> target

Used for plugins to register custom Sail targets/backends.

register_target ~name:"foo" action will create an option -foo, that will run the provided action on the Sail abstract syntax tree after performing common frontend processing.

The various arguments can be used to further control the behavior of the target:

  • parameter ~name

    The name of the target

  • parameter ?flag

    A custom command line flag to invoke the target. By default it will use the name parameter

  • parameter ?description

    A custom description for the command line flag

  • parameter ?options

    Additional options for the Sail executable

  • parameter ?pre_parse_hook

    A function to call right at the start, before parsing

  • parameter ?pre_rewrites_hook

    A function to call before doing any rewrites

  • parameter ?rewrites

    A sequence of Sail to Sail rewrite passes for the target

  • parameter ?asserts_termination

    Whether termination measures are enforced by assertions in the target

    The final unnamed parameter is the main backend function that is called after the frontend has finished processing the input.

val get_the_target : unit -> target option

Return the current target. For example, if we register a 'coq' target, and Sail is invoked with `sail -coq`, then this function will return the coq target.

val get : name:string -> target option
val extract_options : unit -> (Stdlib.Arg.key * Stdlib.Arg.spec * Stdlib.Arg.doc) list

Used internally to dynamically update the option list when loading plugins


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