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abi_amd64 contains top-level definition for the AMD64 ABI.

val abi_amd64_compute_program_entry_point : 'a -> Nat_big_num.num -> Nat_big_num.num Error.error

abi_amd64_compute_program_entry_point segs entry computes the program * entry point using ABI-specific conventions. On AMD64 the entry point in * the ELF header (entry here) is the real entry point. On other ABIs, e.g. * PowerPC64, the entry point entry is a pointer into one of the segments * constituting the process image (passed in as segs here for a uniform * interface).

val header_is_amd64 : Elf_header.elf64_header -> bool
val shf_x86_64_large : Nat_big_num.num
type 'abifeature plt_entry_content_fn = Nat_big_num.num -> Nat_big_num.num -> Nat_big_num.num * char list
type 'abifeature amd64_abi_feature =
  1. | GOT0 of (string * Memory_image.symbol_definition option) list
  2. | PLT0 of (string * Memory_image.symbol_definition option * 'abifeature plt_entry_content_fn) list
val abiFeatureCompare0 : 'a amd64_abi_feature -> 'b amd64_abi_feature -> int
val abiFeatureTagEq0 : 'a amd64_abi_feature -> 'b amd64_abi_feature -> bool
val instance_Abi_classes_AbiFeatureTagEquiv_Abi_amd64_amd64_abi_feature_dict : 'abifeature amd64_abi_feature Abi_classes.abiFeatureTagEquiv_class
val instance_Basic_classes_Ord_Abi_amd64_amd64_abi_feature_dict : 'abifeature amd64_abi_feature Lem_basic_classes.ord_class
val section_is_special1 : Elf_interpreted_section.elf64_interpreted_section -> 'a -> bool

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