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Swiss-army knife for multimedia streaming


Dune Dependency





2.2.5 (2024-05-01) (Mayday!)


  • Added enable_autocue_metadata and autocue: protocol to automatically compute cue points and crossfade parameters (#3753, #3811, @RM-FM and @Moonbase59)

  • Added various ffmpeg timestamps when exporting ffmpeg metadata from filters.

  • Added db_levels method to blank.* sources (#3790)

  • Added excluded_metadata_resolvers to request.create to make it possible to selectively disable specific metadata resolvers when resolving requests.

  • Normalized expected API from autocue, allow multiple implementation and adapt cross/crossfade to work with it out of the box with workaround for short tracks.

  • Added private and swapped memory reporting when compiled with mem_usage.

  • Added priorities to metadata deocoders, allows finer-control of metadata overriding. (#3887)


  • Allow to disable http.* url normalization. Add warning when url normalization changes the url (#3789)

  • Add namespace and optional source IDs to mix.


  • Prevent request metadata from overriding root metadata (#3813)

  • Fixed source.drop and source.dump clock initialization.

  • Fixed bogus report of non-monotonous PTS content when using raw ffmpeg content.

  • Fixed streaming errors when disconnecting input.harbor.

  • Fixed issues with rendered id3v2 frame that contain binary data (#3817)

  • Fixed memory leaks with SRT listen socket polling callbacks.

  • Fixed %ffmpeg copy muxer logic with some audio/video streams (#3840)

  • Fixed duration metadata calculation in the presence of cue_in/cue_out metadata.

2.2.4 (2024-02-04)


  • Added support for id3v2 metadata in output.*.hls when using %mp3, %shine or %fdkaac encoders (#3604)

  • Added option to set preferred address class (ipv4, ipv6 or system default) when resolving hostnames in http transports and output.icecast

  • Added self_sync option to to accommodate for streams in file mode (#3684)

  • Added curve parameter to fade functions and liq_fade_{in,skip,out}_curve metadata override (#3691)

  • Added delay parameter to fade functions to make it possible to add delay before fade happens. Add liq_fade_{in,skip,out}_delay metadata override.

  • Added single_track option to allow sequence to play each source until they are unavailable while keeping track marks.


  • cue_cut operator has been removed. Cueing mechanisms have been moved to underlying file-based sources. See migration notes for more details.


  • Fix pop/click at the end of fade out/in (#3318)

  • Fix audio/video synchronization issues when decoding live streams using ffmpeg.

  • Fix issues with TLS connecting clients not being properly timed out (#3598)

  • Make sure reconnection errors are router through the regulat on_error callback in output.icecast (#3635)

  • Fixed discontinuity count after a restart in HLS outputs.

  • Fixed file header logic when reopening in output.file (#3675)

  • Fixed memory leaks when using dynamically created sources (input.harbor, input.ffmepg, SRT sources and request.dynamic)

  • Fixed invalid array fill in add (#3678)

  • Fixed deadlock when connecting to a non-SSL icecast using the TLS transport (#3681)

  • Fixed crash when closing external process (#3685)

2.2.3 (2023-12-14)


  • Added register_telnet option to all outputs to prevent telnet commands registration (#3545)

  • Added file.touch


  • BREAKING: setting.playlists has been renamed setting.playlist, settings.playlist.mime_types now refers to a full list of records (#3561)


  • Cleanup telnet commands on output shutdown, prevent commands registration for internal outputs (#3545, fixes: #3541)

  • Allow overwrite in youtube-dl/yt-dlp call, remove use of unix-specific process call. (#3563)

  • Fixed playlist parsers not being registered when evaluatin top-level script (#3553)

  • Fixed infinite loop on some active sources (#3544)

  • Fixed fd leak on failed connection in srt caller mode (#3583)

  • Fixed high CPU usage on failed connection in srt caller mode (#3583, #3573)

  • Prevent outputs from keeping the last 10 cover metadata (#3504)

2.2.2 (2023-11-02)


  • Added string.escape.html (#3418, @ghostnumber7)

  • Add support for getters in arguments of blank.detect (#3452).

  • Allow float in source content type annotation so that it possible to write: source(audio=pcm(5.1))


  • Trim urls in input.ffmpeg by default. Disable using trim_url=false (#3424)

  • Automatically add HLS-specific ffmpeg parameters to %ffmpeg encoder (#3483)

  • BREAKING: default on_fail removed on playlist (#3479)


  • Allow channel_layout argument in ffmpeg encoder to set the number of channels.

  • Improved support for unitary minus, fix runtime call of optional methods (#3498)

  • Fixed map.metadata mutating existing metadata.

  • Fixed reloading loop in playlists with invalid files (#3479)

  • Fixed main HLS playlist codecs when using mpegts (#3483)

  • Fixed pop/clicks in crossfade and source with caching (#3318)

  • Fixed pop/clicks when resampling using libsamplerate (#3429)

  • Fixed gstreamer compilation. Remember that gstreamer features are DEPRECATED! (#3459)

  • Fixed html character escaping in interactive.harbor (#3418, @ghostnumber7)

  • Fixed icecast not reconnecting after erroring out while closing connection in some circumstances (#3427)

  • Fixed parse-only mode (#3423)

  • Fixed ffmpeg decoding failing on files with unknown codecs.

  • Fixed a crash due to wait_until timestamp being in the past when using posix-time2

  • Make sure that temporary files are always cleaned up in HLS outputs (#3493)

2.2.1 (2023-09-05)


  • BREAKING: on HLS outputs, on_file_change events are now "created", "updated" and "deleted", to better reflect the new atomic file operations (#3284)

  • Added compact argument to the http.response.json function. http.response.json will produce minified JSON by default. Added a newline symbol to the end of the JSON data produced by http.response.json. (#3299)

  • Bumped internal ogg decoder to make sure that it is used over the ffmpeg decoder whenever possible. FFmpeg has issues with metadata in chained streams which needs to be fixed upstream. Unfortunately, input.http can only use the ffmpeg decoder at the moment.

  • Cleanup output.file encoding and file handling logic (#3328)

  • Added ratio to source.{dump,drop} to make it possible to control its CPU peaks.

  • Enhanced clock error reporting (#3317)


  • Fixed slow memory leak in muxer operator (#3372, #3181, #3334)

  • Fixed discontinuity logic error in HLS outputs after a restart.

  • Fixed HTTP response status in output.harbor (#3255)

  • Make sure main HLS playlist is regenerated after being unlinked (#3275)

  • Fixed hard crash on icecast disconnection errors.

  • Fix output.harbor encoder header when encoding with %ogg, %vorbis and etc. (#3276)

  • Fixed quality argument parsing in ffmpeg encoders (#3267)

  • Make all HLS file write atomic (#3284)

  • Allow seek and cue operators to work with muxed sources using a single underlying source (#3252)

  • Fixed export of cover art metadata (#3279)

  • Remove use of stereo: protocol in say: protocol: this is now handled automatically by the decoder and generates latency via high CPU usage peak.

  • Fixed output.file reopening with flac encoding (#3328)

2.2.0 (2023-07-21)


  • Added support for less memory hungry audio formats, namely pcm_s16 and pcm_f32 (#3008)

  • Added support for native osc library (#2426, #2480).

  • SRT: added support for passphrase, pbkeylen, streamid, added native type for srt sockets with methods, moved stats to socket methods, added socket() method on srt input/outputs (#2556)

  • HLS: Added support for ID3 in-stream metadat (#3154) and custom tags (#2898).

  • Added support for FLAC metadata (#2952)

  • Added support for YAML parsing and rendering (#2855)

  • Added support for the proprietary shared stereotool library (#2953)

  • Added TLS support via ocaml-tls (#3074)

  • Added video.align.

  • Added string.index.

  • Added support for ffmpeg decoder parameters to allow decoding of raw PCM stream and file (#3066)

  • Added support for unit interactive variables: those call a handler when their value is set.

  • Added support for id3v2 v2.2.0 frames and pictures.

  • Added to be used to buffer large amount of audio data (#3136)

  • Added runtime.locale.force to force the system's locale (#3231)

  • Added support for customizable, optimized jemalloc memory allocator (#3170)

  • Added source.drop to animate a source as fast as possible..

  • Added in house replaygain computation:

    • source.replaygain.compute to compute replaygain of a source

    • file.replaygain to compute the replaygain of a file

  • Added support for ImageLib to decode images.

  • Added support for completion in emacs based on company (#2652).

  • Added syntactic sugar for record spread: let {foo, gni, ..y} = x and y = { foo = 123, gni = "aabb", ...x} (#2737)

  • Added file.{copy, move} (#2771)

  • Detect functions defining multiple arguments with the same label (#2823).

  • Added

  • References of type 'a are now objects of type (()->'a).{set : ('a) -> unit}. This means that you should use x() instead of !x in order to get the value of a reference. Setting a reference can be done both by x.set(v) and x := v, which is still supported as a notation (#2881).

  • Added ref.make and

  • Added video.board, video.graph, (#2886).

  • Added the pico2wave protocol in order to perform speech synthesis using Pico TTS (#2934).

  • Added settings.protocol.gtts.lang to be able to select gtts' language, added settings.protocol.gtts.options to be able to add any other option (#3182)

  • Added settings.protocol.pico2wave.lang to be able to select pico2wav language (#3182)

  • Added "metadata_url" to the default list of exported metadata (#2946)

  • Added log colors!

  • Added list.filter_map and list.flatten.

  • Added medialib in order to store metadata of files in a folder and query them (#3115).

  • Added --unsafe option (#3113). This makes the startup much faster but disables some guarantees (and might even make the script crash...).

  • Added string.split.first (#3146).

  • Added string.getter.single (#3125).


  • Switched to dune for building the binary and libraries.

  • Changed cry to be a required dependency.

  • Changed default character encoding in output.harbor, output.icecast output.shoutcast to UTF-8 (#2704)

  • BREAKING: all timeout settings and parameters are now float values and in seconds (#2809)

  • BREAKING: in output.{shoutcast,icecast}:

    • Old icy_metadata renamed to send_icy_metadata and changed to a nullable bool. null means guess.

    • New icy_metadata now returns a list of metadata to send with ICY updates.

    • Added icy_song argument to generate default "song" metadata for ICY updates. Defaults to <artist> - <title> when available, otherwise artist or title if available, otherwise null, meaning don't add the metadata.

    • Cleanup, removed parameters that were irrelevant to each operator, i.e. icy_id in output.icecast and etc.

    • Make mount mandatory and name nullable. Use mount as name when name is null.

  • reopen_on_error and reopen_on_metadata in output.file and related operators are now callbacks to allow dynamic handling.

  • Added reopen method to output.file.

  • Added support for a Javascript build an interpreter.

  • Removed support for %define variables, superseded by support for actual variables in encoders.

  • Cancel pending append when skipping current track on append source.

  • Errors now report proper stack trace via their trace method, making it possible to programmatically point to file, line and character offsets of each step in the error call trace (#2712)

  • Reimplemented harbor http handler API to be more flexible. Added a new node/express-like registration and middleware API (#2599).

  • Switched default persistence for cross and fade-related overrides to follow documented behavior. By default, "liq_fade_out", "liq_fade_skip", "liq_fade_in", "liq_cross_duration" and "liq_fade_type" now all reset on new tracks. Use persist_overrides to revert to previous behavior (persist_override for cross/crossfade) (#2488).

  • Allow running as root by default when docker container can be detected using the presence of a /.dockerenv file.

  • id3v2 argument of %mp3 encoder changed to "none" or version number to allow to choose the metadata version. true is still accepted and defaults to version 3. Switched to our internal implementation so that it does not require taglib anymore.

  • Moved HLS outputs stream info as optional methods on their respective encoder.

  • Changed self_sync in input.ffmpeg to be a boolean getter, changed self_sync in input.http to be a nullable boolean getter. Set self_sync to true in input.http when an icecast or shoutcast server can be detected.

  • Add sorted option to

  • Add buffer_length method to input.external.rawaudio and input.external.wav (#2612).

  • Added full OCaml backtrace as trace to runtime errors returned from OCaml code.

  • Removed confusing let json.stringify in favor of json.stringify().

  • Font, font size and colors are now getters for text operators (video.text, video.add_text, etc.) (#2623).

  • Add on_cycle option to video.add_text to register a handler when cycling (#2621).

  • Renamed {get,set}env into environment.{get,set}

  • Renamed add_decoder, add_oblivious_decoder and add_metadata_resolver into, respectively, decoder.add, decoder.oblivious.add, decoder.metadata.add

  • Deprecated get_mime, added file.mime.libmagic and file.mime.cli, made file.mime try file.mime.libmagic if present and file.mime.cli otherwise, changed eturned value when no mime was found to null().

  • Return a nullable float in request.duration.

  • Removed --list-plugins-json and --list-plugins-xml options.

  • Added --list-functions-json option.

  • Removed built-in use of strftime conversions in output filenames, replaced by an explicit call to time.string (#2593)

  • Added nullable default to {int,float,bool}_of_string conversion functions, raise an exception if conversion fails and no default is given.

  • Deprecated string_of in favor of string (#2700).

  • Deprecated string_of_float in favor of string.float (#2700).

  • Added settings.protocol.youtube_dl.timeout to specify timeout when using youtube-dl protocol (#2827). Use yt-dlp as default binary for the protocol.

  • The sleeper operator is now scripted (#2899).

  • Reworked remote request file extension resolution (#2947)

  • REMOVED osx-secure-transport. Doubt it was ever used, API deprecated upstream (#3067)

  • Renamed rectangle to add_rectangle, and similarly for line.


  • The randomization function list.shuffle used in playlist was incorrect and could lead to incorrectly randomized playlists (#2507, #2500).

  • Fixed srt output in listener mode to allow more than one listener at a time and prevent listening socket from being re-created on listener disconnection (#2556)

  • Fixed race condition when switching input.ffmpeg-based urls (#2956)

  • Fixed deadlock in %external encoder (#3029)

  • Fixed crash in encoders due to concurrent access (#3064)

  • Fixed long-term connection issues with SSL (#3067)

2.1.4 (2022-03-01)


  • Added buffer_length method to buffer operator.

  • Always display error backtrace when a fatal exception is raised in the streaming loop.

  • Added umask() to get the current umask and umask.set(...) to set the current umask (#2840)


  • Add break when restarting the external process in input.external.{rawaudio,rawvideo} (#2860, #2872)

  • Removed disconnect method on input.harbor. This method was doing the same as the stop method. Added shutdown method to properly shutdown the source even when not connected to an output.

  • Made process a string getter in input.external.{rawaudio,rawvideo} (#2877)


  • Fixed parameter type for stats_interval in SRT I/O.

  • Fixed type generalization on variable and pattern bindings (#2782)

  • Fixed memory leak in http requests (#2935)

  • Make sure that exception raised in request.dynamic never crash the process (#2897)

  • Fixed filename getter being called multiple time in output.file (#2842)

  • Fixed default directory permissions in output.*.hls operators (#2930)

  • Space trim in interactive variables set on telnet (#2785)

  • Fixed internal streaming logic in max_duration and crossfade.

  • Make sure that there's at most one metadata at any given frame position (#2786)

  • Fixed metadata.json.parse always returns an empty list (#2816).

  • Fixed icy_id being ignored in output.shoutcast (#2819)

  • Fixed shutdown livelock with some ffmpeg inline encoder, decoder and filter operators.

  • Fixed input polling stop (#2769)

  • Fixed parsed error report in %include directives (#2775)

  • Fixed crash in external processes when received a Unix.EINTR event (#2861)

  • Fixed crash in string.interpolate (#2883)

  • Cleaned up srt support.

2.1.3 (2022-11-04)


  • Added time.string.

  • Added error.on_error to report any error raised during the script's execution. Enhanced reported error positions (#2712)

  • Added device_id and latency options to input.portaudio and output.portaudio to be able to choose the requested device. Use liquidsoap --list-portaudio-devices to see the list of devices (#2733)

  • Added disconnect method to input.harbor, making it possible to disconnect a source client programmatically, including when a new client is trying to connect.


  • Send data in-memory in http.{post,put}.file when input data is already in memory. This allows to use plain Content-Length instead of chunked transfer encoding in these case, though libcurl seems to always prefer chunked encoding for put requests.

  • Better error message when an encoder is not available on windows (#2665)

  • Create output directory in HLS outputs when it does not exist using newly introduced perms permission argument (#2725)

  • Removed restart_on_error argument on output.url and added restart_delay which implements a delayed restart. Added on_error argument to be notified of errors (#2731)

  • Changed default encoding parameter in string.{quote, escape} to be null. Fallback to "ascii" encoding when no encoding is specified and "utf8" fails. This prevents unexpected script failures but might not be backward-compatible if you used a custom escape_char or special_char function (#2738)


  • Enhanced methods typing support (#2659)

  • Add support for song metadata (mapped to title) and url (mapped to metadata_url) in input.harbor (#2676)

  • Fixed blank.* operator types.

  • Fixed request metadata escaping (#2732)

  • Fixed input.external.rawadudio mono input (#2742)

  • Fixed http response body on redirect (#2758)

2.1.2 (2022-09-26)


  • Added string.char, string.getter.flush and string.getter.concat.

  • Added http.multipart_form_data and http.{post,put}.file.


  • Allow sub-second values in sleep() (#2610)

  • Allowed many new format for taglib (#2605)

  • Add settings.ffmpeg.content.copy.relaxed_compatibility_check.set settings to allow relaxed compatibility check for ffmpeg copy content, making it possible to encode streams with various audio samplerate or video size when the container supports it.


  • Stop error loop when opening a listening ssl socket with non-existent certificate. (#2590)

  • Youtube HLS upload for live streams.

  • Fixed data:... uri scheme to conform to RFC 2397 (#2491)

  • Fixed multiple issues related to empty ogg/opus metadata (#2605)

  • Ensure that video.add_text fails when the source does (#2609)

  • Fixed metadata parsing in server.insert_metadata (#2619)

  • Fixed extract_replaygain path (#2624, @parnikkapore)

  • Fixed crash when terminating the process (#2585)

  • Fixed channels conversion when using input.rawaudio (#2602)

Internal Change:

  • ref() implementation switched to OCaml's Atomic to prevent race conditions, thread.mutexify and mutexify functions removed. (#2603)

2.1.1 (2022-08-28)


  • Added process.quote.command to generate complex quoted command strings suitable for use with and os-independent.


  • Renamed playlist.remaining into playlist.remaining_files (#2524)

  • Added id argument to replaygain operator (#2537).

  • Made ocurl dependency required, added uri as required dependency (#2551)


  • Fixed missing ffmpeg features on windows build.

  • Fixed sync issues with ffmpeg.encode.* inline encoders (#2584)

  • Fixed http.get issues when user-agent was not set (#2517)

  • Fixed order of returned requests.

  • Fixed infinite loop when reloading a failed playlist (#2576)

  • Fixed http requests with urls containing spaces (#2551)

  • Fixed on_connect type for srt inputs and outputs.

  • Fixed parsing issues with functions/variables definitions beginning with rec or replaces (#2560)

  • Fixed infinite parse error loop (#2527)

  • Fixed empty initial mp4 HLS segment.

  • Prevent initial start for autostart and fallible sources.

2.1.0 (2022-07-15)


  • Added support for variables in encoders (#1858)

  • Added support for regular expressions (#1881)

  • Added generalized support for value extraction patterns (#1970)

  • Added support for string getter for http.{post,put} operations (#1984)

  • Added

  • Rewrote out internal JSON parser/renderer (#2011). Breaking change values that cannot be represented as JSON will now raise error.json when converted to JSON. infinite and nan floats can be exported using the json5 export format.

  • Added socket API (#2014).

  • Added support for ffmpeg bitstream filters (#2387)

  • Added liquidsoap.version.at_least.

  • Added video.rectangle, video.persistence.

  • Added video.vumeter.

  • Added video.slideshow.

  • Added video.add_text.camlimages (#2202).

  • Added video.text.* and re-implemented video.add_text.* from those (#2226).

  • Added operator to retrieve the contents of an IRC channel (#2210).

  • Added new in-house parsing of metadata for some image and video formats (#2236).

  • Added

  • Added new options for %ffmpeg copy encoder: ignore_keyframes and wait_for_keyframe (#2382)


  • Removed support for partial application, which should avoid some type errors, improve performance and simplifies the code related to the reduction (#2204).

  • Video dimensions (width and height) can now be specified per stream in the type and are then used instead of the default ones. For instance, you can now write

    s = (single("file.mp4") : source(video(width=300,height=200)))

    in order to force the decoding of a file to be performed at the 300×200 resolution (#2212).

  • Video images are now canvas, which means that they do not directly contain the images, but are constituted of multiple images placed at various positions. This should make much more efficient operations such as making videos from multiple ones, adding a logo, etc. (#2207)

  • renamed, remove bitrate and quality arguments and added a single encoder argument to allow stream copy and more.

  • source.on_metadata and source.on_track now return a source as this was the case in previous versions, and associated handlers are triggered only when the returned source is pulled (#2103).

  • Made streams_info parameter of output.file.hls a record (#2173).

  • Disable scrolling by default in video.add_text. You can re-enable it by using video.add_text(speed=70, ...).

  • Added "example" sections to operators documentation, we now need to populate those (#2227).

  • Default implementation of video.testsrc is now builtin, previous implementation can be found under video.testsrc.ffmpeg.

  • Images can now generate blank audio if needed, no need to add mux_audio(audio=blank(),image) anymore (#2230).

  • Removed deprecated timeout argument in http.* operators.

  • Deprecated request.ready in favor of request.resolved.


  • Fixed typo in status command of the mix operator.

  • Fixed performances issues with input.ffmpeg and input.http (#2475)

  • Fixed list.shuffle which was used to randomize playlists in playlist operator (#2507, #2500).

2.0.7 (2022-07-15)


  • Fixed memory leaks with opus bindings.

  • Make sure decoding buffer and samplerate converter are only created once. (#2475)

  • Make sure first metadata is always sent in icecast/shoutcast output (#2506)

2.0.6 (2022-06-20)


  • Added video/mp4 to list of recognized mime types for request resolutions.


  • Log errors when using (##2420, @martinkirch)


  • Memory leak when executing (#2424)

  • Delay harbor server endpoint registration until application has started (#1589)

  • Print user-readable encoder parameter error report.

  • Fixed m3u metadata parsing when artist has a comma in their name (#2449)

  • Cleanup failed request in playlist operator.


  • Extended m3u EXTINF parser to support empty duration and annotations.


  • Brought back mix operator (#2401)


  • Allow crossfade duration override of 0.

  • Buffer synchronization issues.

  • Drop methods from ffmpeg filter input source types to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

  • Fix evaluation of abstract values with methods.

  • Prevent some sources from being consumed when not active, namely ffmpeg inline encoders, soundtouch, resample and all the muxing operators.

  • Raise runtime exceptions in string.replace failures with useful message. (#2408)

  • Prevent request.dynamic from raising exceptions when checking if the source is ready (#2381)

2.0.4 (23-04-2022)


  • Added to enforce consistent choice of video.add_text implementation (#2302)


  • Make sure source shutdown can only be called on sources that can actually be shutdown:

    • Remove generic source.shutdown

    • Keep s.shutdown() method only on sources that are active. Refs: #2259

  • Optimized memory usage when accessing frame content (#2266)

  • Optimized memory usage when accessing ground terms.

  • Allow crossfade duration getter to override duration at the end of each track if duration isn't set via metadata.

  • Make sure crossfade metadata are not duplicated (#2153)

  • Renamed map_metadata into, deprecated map_metadata.

  • Deprecatdd list.mem_assoc

  • Enhanced remaining time when using add (#2255)

  • Added timeout_ms to http.* to provide time in milliseconds, deprecated timeout argument.

  • Connect output.icecast when data is available instead of when operator starts to avoid useless connections when underlying source fails immediately.


  • Prevent infinite loops when crossfade duration is negative (#2287)

  • Prevent mutex deadlock when recursively locking mutexes (#2274)

  • Mark method add() as internal in request.queue, fix method length() (#2274)

  • Fixed retry_delay being ignored in some cases in request.dynamic.

  • Prevent race condition in external process handler.

  • Fixed A/V sync when streaming encoded data via ffmpeg encoder (#2159)

  • Prevent stopped/iddle sources from being restarted when resetting clock(s) after too much latency (#2278)

  • Fixed registration of video.add_text.ffmpeg as possible implementation for video.add_text (#2302)

  • Fixed http.* calls preventing liquidsoap from shutting down.

  • Fixed http protocol not returning an error when timing out (#2242)

  • Reworked ffmpeg filters feeding mechanism.

  • Fixed inconsistencies in playlist.parser (#2257)

  • Fixed inconsistent reselect in rotate (#2300)

  • Fixed special characters escaping in video.add_text.ffmpeg (#2324)


  • Added support for memory debugging using memtrace

  • Added time.{zone,zone.set,make} (#2178)

  • Added runtime.gc module, rename garbage_collect as runtime.gc.full_major with deprecated compatibility wrapper, added runtime.gc.stat, runtime.gc.quick_stat, runtine.gc.print_stat and runtime.gc.{get,set}.

  • Added runtime.sys.word_size

  • Added optional support for runtime.mem_usage

  • Added runtime.memory wrapper to get info about the system and process' memory usage.

  • Added configure.camomile_dir to export expected location of camomile directory when packaging liquidsoap.

  • Added liquidsoap.chroot.make to copy all files required for a liquidsoap install.


  • Bumped input.harbor default buffer to 12. to make it possible to use it with crossfade transitions without changing default values (#2156)

  • year method as returned in time.local and time.utc now returns the actual year instead of years since 1900 (#2178)

  • mday, mon, wday and yday methods as returned in time.local and time.utc have been renamed to, resp., day, month, week_day and year_day (#2178)

  • month method as returned in time.local and time.utc now returns the month as a number between 1 and 12 (#2178)

  • week_day method as returned in time.local and time.utc now returns the week day as a number between 1 and 7 (#2178)

  • year_day method as returned in time.local and time.utc now returns the week day as a number between 1 and 366 (#2178)

  • Added option to choose if input.rtmp should behave as a server or a client (#2197)

  • Allow dynamic text change in video.add_text.ffmpeg (#2189)

  • Removed thread_name argument from thread.on_error callbacks.


  • Make sure metadata are replayed when switching to a source for the first time in switches/fallback (#2138)

  • Bring back video.add_text.sdl (#2187)

  • Fixed thread.on_error implementation (#2171)


  • Show code excerpts on errors (#2086)

  • Added on_get_ready callback to sources, to be executed after a source's has initialized.

  • Added flush_and_skip telnet command to request.dynamic to empty the request's queue before skipping the current track, forcing a full reload.

  • Added last_metadata method on sources to return the last metadata produced by the source.


  • Fixed ffmpeg copy encoder crash when switching between streams.

  • Fixed unbound buffer in muxing operators (#2054)

  • Return correct positions when parsing strings (#2095)

  • Deadlock when shutting down with input.rtmp (#2089)

  • Add timeout to srt operations (#2082)

  • Fixed request.queue queue telnet command returning nothing (#2088)

  • Fixed single quotes being escaped in json stringify. (#2120)

  • Fixed frame caching issues when no initial break was present in the memoized frame. (#2109. AzuraCast/AzuraCast#4825)


  • Added time.predicate to parse time predicates at runtime.

  • Added support for ffmpeg filter commands, unify video.add_text.ffmpeg with other operators, make it the default when available. (#2050)


  • Removed encode_metadata option in input.file.hls as it does nothing with the main encoder for HLS format, %ffmpeg (#2023)

  • Converted output.icecast optional parameters to nullable.


  • Fixed switch-based sources not respecting track boundaries when using default transitions one track only per selected source. (#1999)

  • Fixed playlist annotation. (#2005)

  • Raise a proper runtime exception when string.escape fails. (#2010)

  • Account for internal caching in request.dynamic.list's queue and set_queue methods.

  • Keep buffering for crossfade when new source has track mark but is still ready.

  • Added missing output start/stop commands.

  • Fixed perms, dir_perms and append not bring honored when delegating file output to the encoder.

  • Fixed base directory not being created when delegating file output to the encoder (#2069).


  • Add support for errors with error.* and try ... catch (#1242).

  • Add support for optional values with null.* (#1242).

  • Add support for x ? y : z syntax (#1266).

  • Added support for list spread and deconstruction syntax (#1269).

  • Add support for generic JSON objects, map (string, 'a) lists to regular lists, add support for json5 floats (NaN, Infinity), return null for those otherwise, rename json_of into json.stringify and of_json into json.parse with deprecation (#1824)

  • Added support for video encoding and decoding using ffmpeg (#1038).

  • Added support for hardware-accelerated video encoding using ffmpeg (#1380)

  • Added support for ffmpeg filters (#1038).

  • Added video support to output.hls (#1391).

  • Added mp4 support to output.hls (#1391).

  • Added output.url for encoders that support handling data output (currently only %ffmpeg) (#1038).

  • Added output.file.dash.ffmpeg.

  • Added LV2 support (#906).

  • Added string.nth (#970).

  • Added string.binary.to_int (#970).

  • Added string.hex_of_int.

  • Added (#1011).

  • Added native id3v2 tag parser, as well as associated function file.mp3.metadata, file.mp3.parse_apic and file.cover (#987).

  • Use a pager to display long help results (#1017).

  • Added new functions for lists: lists.exists, list.for_all, list.init, list.ind, list.index, list.last, list.shuffle.

  • Added

  • Added a profiler for the language. It can be enabled with profiler.enable and the results are obtained with profiler.stats.string (#1027).

  • Added gtts protocol to use Google TTS (#1034).

  • Added liquidsoap.executable to get the path of the currently running Liquidsoap.

  • Added source.dump.

  • Added source.elapsed and source.duration

  • Added synth protocol (#1014).

  • Added listener and caller mode for and (#1377)

  • Added support for srt.enforced_encryption setting.

  • Added support for prometheus reporting (#1000)

  • Add validate parameter to register, which allows to validate a value before setting it (#1046, @CyberDomovoy)

  • Add string.null_terminated (#960).

  • Removed string.utf8.escape in favor or a unifited, utf8-aware string.escape.

  • Add string.unescape.

  • Add file.metadata (#1058).

  • Add predicate.activates, predicate.changes, predicate.first, predicate.once, predicate.signal (#1075).

  • Add playlist.list.reloadable and playlist.list (#1133).

  • Make it possible to disable buffer overrun logs.

  • Add accelerate operator (#1144).

  • Add video.resize.

  • Add getter.int_of_float and getter.float_of_int.

  • Add source.dump (#1036).

  • Add stereo and synth protocols (#1036).

  • Add video.add_text.ffmpeg.

  • Added support for file:///path/to/file and file:/path/to/fileprotocols.

  • Added configure option to specify internal library install path (#1211).

  • Add support for records and methods (#1197).

  • Rename unsafe.single.infallible to single.infallible.

  • Add list.indexed.

  • Added optional support for high-resolution time and latency control on POSIX systems (#1050).

  • Added syntax for for and while loops (#1252).

  • Added a bunch of source-related methods (#1379).

  • Added min and max functions.

  • Added lufs to compute the LUFS loundness (#1497).

  • Added interactive.harbor in order to expose interactive variables over harbor (#1495).

  • Added interactive.persistent (as well as and interactive.load) to make interactive variables persistent (#1495).

  • Added server.habor (#1502).

  • Added metronome.

  • Added playlist.files.

  • Added getter.is_constant.

  • Added assert.

  • Added source.available.

  • Added request.once.

  • Added file.getter.

  • A better normalize function (with more reasonable parameters, more customisable, and written in Liquidsoap) is now provided. The old one is renamed normalize.old.

  • New and better compress function. The previous one was renamed compress.old (#868, #869).

  • Added stereo.width.

  • Added file.mkdir.

  • Added support for harbor's connected address in auth function and as a method (#1364).

  • Added time.up.

  • Added video.cover.

  • Added video.still_frame.

  • Added request.status.

  • Added playlog to record how long ago a song was last played (#333 and #1530).

  • Added clock.log_delay to configure how often clock catchup error messages should be printed.

  • Added input.rtmp (#1640).

  • Added %ifversion and %else preprocessing commands (#1682).

  • Added dtmf and dtmf.detect to generate and detect DTMF tones (#1796).

  • Added sine.detect to detect sines (#1796).

  • Added on_air_timestamp to request's metadata to get the request's on_air time as a Unix timestamp (#1871)


  • Implemented per-frame clock synchronization mechanism, should allow for more advanced flexibility when working with source synchronization while keeping the default safe behavior. (#1012)

  • Remove active_source type, make all output return unit type. (#1671)

  • Switch to YUV420 as internal image format, much more efficient (#848).

  • Use bigarrays for audio buffers (#950).

  • Re-implemented switch-derived operators (fallback, rotate, random) as scripted operators, removed track_sensitive argument from rotate and random as it does not have a sound meaning for them.

  • Added optional exit code to shutdown.

  • Renamed verb argument info method in output.icecast.

  • Simplified add behavior, also fixing an clock issue (#668).

  • Switch to more efficient callback API for decoders (#979).

  • Use system pagesize for buffer allocation (#915).

  • Use new Strings module in order to avoid concatenations (#984).

  • Native Liquidsoap implementation of list functions (#920).

  • Added fallible option to single operator.

  • Allow input.ffmpeg to control its own clock or delegate to CPU clock (#1628)

  • Reimplement input.http using ffmpeg, deprecate input.https in favor of unified input.http (#1628)

  • Changed input.http and input.ffmpeg url parameter into a string getter

  • Changed request.queue into a Liquidsoap implementation (#1013).

  • Removed request.equeue, such a feature could be re-implemented in Liquidsoap, see request.queue.

  • The playlist operator is now fully implemented in Liquidsoap (#1015).

  • Removed playlist.once, its behavior can be achieved by passing "never" to the reload_mode argument of playlist (#1015).

  • Removed playlist.merged: it is not that useful and can be achieved easily with merge_tracks on a playlist (#1015).

  • Deprecated (#1015).

  • Renamed add_timeout to, added variant, renamed exec_at to thread.when and renamed mutexify to thread.mutexify (#1019).

  • Changed the weights of add to float (#1022).

  • Renamed which to file.which.

  • Change blank() duration semantics to mean forever only on negative values.

  • Get rid of numbering of universal variables (#1037).

  • Renamed base64.decode/base64.encode to string.base64.decode/string.base64.encode.

  • Vumeter is now implemented in Liquidsoap (#1103).

  • Change input.http and input.https url parameter into a string getter (#1084).

  • Added path.home.unrelate.

  • Use getters for arguments of video.add_image (#1176).

  • Add x, y, width and height argument to image, unify with video.add_image.

  • Generalize audio_to_stereo to video frames and those without audio.

  • Allow crossfading for video (#1132, #1135).

  • Use getters for parameters of synthesizer sources (#1036).

  • Renamed empty to fail.

  • Restored request.dynamic (#1213).

  • Requests are not typed anymore: their type is fixed at resolution time.

  • Deprecated request.create.raw, you should use request.create instead.

  • Reference setting and access are now handled as normal builtins instead of in the kernel.

  • Use records as return type of http.*, https.*, rms, peak and request.queue (#1234).

  • Indices of groups returned by string.extract are now integers instead of strings (#1240).

  • Generalize the l[k] notation so that the key k can be of any type (on which we know how to compare).

  • ref is not a keyword anymore: this means that ref x is not accepted anymore, you need to write ref(x) (#1254).

  • Renamed file.unlink to file.remove.

  • Deprecated get_process_output, get_process_lines, test_process and system in favor of,, and process.test.

  • Renamed http_codes to and put first member as integer.

  • Renamed http.response to http.response and to

  • localtime and gmtime now return a record.

  • Deprecated {eat,strip,skip,on}_blank in favor of blank.{eat,strip,skip,detect}.

  • http{,s}.{get,post,push} now perform redirections if needed, which can be disabled with the redirect parameter (#1319).

  • Deprecated gettimeofday in favor or time, renamed localtime to time.local and gmtime to time.utc, and the argument of these two last functions is now optional (#1320).

  • Dropped optional gavl video converter in favor of ffmpeg.

  • Remove persist argument in output.*.hls and use nullable value for persist_at.

  • Deprecated source server commands in favor or direct call to source methods. Added wrappers for some of the old commands (#1379).

  • Deprecated catch-all input and output in favor or setting your desired input or output explicitly.

  • Implement interactive.* on script side (#1493).

  • file.write does not return a boolean anymore, exceptions are used for exceptional cases (#1500).

  • source.dynamic now takes a nullable argument.

  • Renamed on_end to source.on_end.

  • Changed the name of the arguments of fallback.skip.

  • Normalize ReplayGain handling:

    • we now use the standard replaygain_track_gain metadata

    • renamed the protocol from replay_gain to replaygain

    • added the replaygain operator to perform amplification

  • normalize now handles all channels uniformly.

  • First-order filter filter.rc now takes the cutoff frequency instead of the time constant as argument.

  • now returns unit with unwatch method.

  • Changed the interface for bpm: the bpm can now be retrieved using a method of the returned source instead of having a callback.

  • Removed* and server.write*.


  • Set cloexec on all relevant Unix calls (#1192).

  • Fix implementation of recursive functions (#934).

  • Make blank() source unavailable past is expected duration (#668).

  • Remove video.add_text.gstreamer shade in background (#1190).

  • Improve the quality of (#1188).

  • Exit with non-zero code on errors.

  • Fixed parsing of http URI arguments with = in them (#1340).

  • Fixed fade-out in crossfades when crossfade duration is the same as fade-out duration (#1351).

  • Fixed osc server not workin when daemonized (#1365).

  • Fixed glitchy audio when using input.harbor (#1944)

  • Fixed "tracknumber" and "year" returning 0 in taglib (#1901)



  • Added process.quote to quote process' arguments (#1215)


  • Fetch mime type using curl first when available.

  • Make override metadata name case-sensitive in amplify (#1323)

  • Harnessed playlist file resolver to better support some combination of protocols and file resolution (#1362)


  • Remote file resolution when passing URLs with spaces (#1410)

  • Fixed empty {http,https} body (#1417)

  • Fixed input.harbor shoutcast client connection (#1353)

  • Fixed exception reporting when output fails to start (#1372)

  • Fixed random track selection (#1468)

  • Fixed playlist request leak when using reload="watch" with inotify on a folder (#1451)



  • Added retry_delay argument to request.dynamic (#1169).

  • Renamed request.dynamic to request.dynamic.list and updated its callback function type to return an array of requests, making possible to return multiple requests at once but, more importantly, to return [] when no next requests are available. (#1169)


  • Set audio/flac as mime for flac (#1143).

  • Deprecated request.dynamic.


  • Fixed errors when installing bash-completion files (#1095)

  • Fixed failures in extract-replaygain script (#1125)

  • Do not crash when loading playlists using ~/path/to/.. paths.

  • Set set_default_verify_paths for SSL (#450)

  • Use 443 as default port for https (#1127)

  • Fix implementation of rotate (#1129).

  • Register audio/opus mime type for ogg decoding (#1089)

  • Re-encode name, genre and description in output.icecast using the given encoding (#1092)

  • Accept 24 bits per sample in %flac encoder (#1073).

  • Fix rare stack overflow during clock unification (#1108).

  • Prevent metadata inserted via insert_metadata from being visible to underlying sources (#1115)

  • Fix cross() fallability.

  • Fix decoder remaining time when decoding is done (#1159)

  • Fixed crash when cleaning up output.hls


  • Added retry_delay argument to request.dynamic (#1169).

  • Renamed request.dynamic to request.dynamic.list and updated its callback function type to return an array of requests, making possible to return multiple requests at once but, more importantly, to return [] when no next requests are available. (#1169)


  • Set audio/flac as mime for flac (#1143).

  • Deprecated request.dynamic.


  • Fixed errors when installing bash-completion files (#1095)

  • Fixed failures in extract-replaygain script (#1125)

  • Do not crash when loading playlists using ~/path/to/.. paths.

  • Set set_default_verify_paths for SSL (#450)

  • Use 443 as default port for https (#1127)

  • Fix implementation of rotate (#1129).

  • Register audio/opus mime type for ogg decoding (#1089)

  • Re-encode name, genre and description in output.icecast using the given encoding (#1092)

  • Accept 24 bits per sample in %flac encoder (#1073).

  • Fix rare stack overflow during clock unification (#1108).

  • Prevent metadata inserted via insert_metadata from being visible to underlying sources (#1115)

  • Fix cross() fallability.

  • Fix decoder remaining time when decoding is done (#1159)

  • Fixed crash when cleaning up output.hls



  • UTF8 parsing!

  • Added support for tuples: x = (1,"aa",false) (#838)

  • Added support for deconstructing tuples: let (z,t,_) = x (#838)

  • Added input.{file,harbor}.hls to read HLS stream (#59, #295, #296).

  • Added output.hls to natively stream in HLS (#758).

  • Added %ffmpeg native encoder, only for audio encoding for now (#952)

  • Added ffmpeg-based stream decoder, limited to mime type application/ffmpeg for now.

  • Added (to_){string,float,int,bool}_getter operators to handle getters in script side.

  • Made p parameter in smooth_add a float getter (#601)

  • Added source.time to get a source's clock time.

  • Added max_duration to limit a source's duration.

  • Added file.temp_dir to create temporary directories.

  • Added file.{unlink,rmdir} to remove, resp., file and directories.

  • Added file.write to write content to a file.

  • Added to read contents of a file without loading all of it in memory.

  • Added youtube-pl:<ID> protocol to resolve and parse youtube playlists (or any playlist supported by youtube-dl) (#761)

  • Added setting for the s3:// protocol, thanks to @RecursiveGreen. (#778)

  • Added support for sandboxing run_process calls. (#785)

  • Added harbor.{http,https}.static to serve static path.

  • Added log.{critical,severe,important,info,warning,debug}. Use aliases in code as well (#800, #801, #802)

  • Added sleep function.

  • Added mkavailable function.

  • Added fade.skip function. (#804)

  • Added video.external.testsrc function.

  • Added video.frame.* and audio.samplerate.

  • Added input.external.ffmpeg and output.external.ffmpeg.

  • Added

  • Added output.file.hls.ffmpeg.

  • Added reopen telnet command in output.external.

  • Added on_frame (#886).

  • Enabled external decoders in windows (#742)

  • Added support for bash completion.

  • Added video.add_text.native.

  • Added configure.bindir

  • Added for and while loop functions.

  • Added

  • Added metadata.getter and metadata.getter.float.

  • Added string.contains.

  • Added request.uri.

  • Added {input,output}.srt (#898)

  • Added path.remove_extension.

  • Added SSL read/write timeout options, use it for incoming socket connections (#932)

  • Added ffmpeg resampler (#947).

  • Added lsl and lsr.


  • Depends on OCaml >= 4.08.0

  • Changed return type of http.* and run_process to use tuples (#838)

  • Better error reporting with coloring and uniform format. (#790)

  • Improved reporting of file, line and character during parsing errors.

  • Remove dynamic plugin build option.

  • Made on_end delay a float getter.

  • Reimplemented fade.{in,initial,out,final} as scripted operators. (#664)

  • Removed cross/crossfade operators, superseded by smart_cross/smart_crossfade

  • Rename smart_cross/smart_crossfade operators as cross/crossfade

  • Default behavior of crossfade is old (simple) crossfade. Use smart=true to enable old smart_crossfade behavior.

  • Rename file.duration as request.duration

  • Removed duplicate is_directory

  • Rename {basename,dirname} as path.{is_directory,basename,dirname}

  • Empty playlists return by scripted resolvers is now considered a failure to resolve.

  • Rewrite smooth_add to use new mkcross functions.

  • Reimplemented open_process_full to get a hand on pid and finer-grained closing workflow (#703)

  • Added transition_length to switch-based operators to limit transition lengths and allow garbage collection of transition sources.

  • SDL renders text in UTF-8. (#712)

  • Made x and y parameters in video.add_text float getters. (#730)

  • Reimplemented extract-replaygain using ffmpeg, added an optional replay gain option to the ffmpeg2wav protocol. Thanks to @Yamakaky for contributing on this. (#749)

  • The ratio parameter of compress and limit is a float getter. (#745)

  • Removed rewrite_metadata which had been deprecated for a while now.

  • Allow string getter for harbor HTTP responses.

  • Renamed get_clock_status to clock.status and log_clocks to clock.log.

  • Renamed rms_window parameter of compress to window. (#796)

  • Added chop operator.

  • Keep master tracks' boundaries in mux_* functions. (#795)

  • Added new_track optional argument to callback in insert_metadata.

  • Use getters for weights of rotate. (#808)

  • Added conservative, length and default_duration params to playlist.{reloadable,once,merge} (#818)

  • Renamed input.external into input.external.rawaudio, added input.external.wav.

  • Renamed gstreamer.hls to output.file.hls.gstreamer.

  • Raise an error when using a format (e.g. %vorbis, %mp3, ..) that is not enabled. (#857)

  • Set default encoders and ladspa plugins samplerate and channels to configured internal "" and "". (#870)

  • Handle unary minus in the preprocessor instead of the parser in order to avoid duplicating the parser. (#860)

  • Add filter option to playlist.once.

  • Added a replay_delay option to the pipe operator to replay metadata and breaks after a delay instead of restart the piping process. (#885)

  • Add buffer_length telnet command to input.harbor.

  • Bumped default length parameter for request-based sources (playlist, request.dynamic, ..) to 40. to assure that there always is at least one request ready to play when the current one ends.

  • Added support for cue in/out and fade in/out/type metadata support in ffmpeg2wav protocol. Rename protocol to ffmpeg. (#909)

  • list.assoc and list.assoc.remove require an ordered type as first component.

  • Renamed quote to string.quote, removed process.quote in favor or string.quote (#1635)

  • Added phase_inversion={true/false} to %opus encoder (#937)

  • Fixed encoders forcing frame rate and audio channels too early (#933)

  • Change filename to a string getter in file-based outputs. (#198)

  • Changed audio.converter.samplerate.preferred option to audio.converter.samplerate.converters to give a list of possible converters.


  • Lack of documentation for cross/crossfade (#743)

  • Fixed before metadata being lost during crossfade not in conservative mode.

  • Correct types and default values for (#767).

  • Allow changing pipeline in gstreamer functions. (#762)

  • Script deadlock after a long time, most likely related to old crossfade transitions (#755)

  • AVI export fixed. (#789)

  • %external does not stop processes anymore on each metadata. (#789)

  • Fixed exit getting stuck when using input.jack (#769)

  • Stop lo server on shutdown. (#820)

  • Fixed external process stop not detected on second and further calls (#833)

  • Add seek in operators where implementation is clear (#853)

  • Do not enter buffering mode between tracks in buffer (#836)

  • Fixed file descriptor leak in external processes (#865)

  • Fixed encoded output creating empty files from failing sources (#876)

  • Fixed cue_cut not working when used before cross/crossfade (#874)

  • Fixed audio glitches when seeking within a MP3 file.

  • Fixed insert_metadata logic when insert new track and metadata (#903)

  • Fixed replay-gain script default location.

  • Fixed audio glitches at the end of crossfade transitions.

  • Specify that list.remove removes only the first occurrence and avoid reversing the list (#922).

  • File descriptor leak when using openssl-based operators.

  • Fixed SSL read taking too long to timeout (#932)

  • Fixed output starting when underlying source is not available (#393)


  • Reimplemented open_process_full to get a hand on pid and finer-grained closing workflow (#703)

  • Better log message when request download times out (#708)

  • Drop log.level for ffmpeg messages to 5


  • Timeout when executing external processes (#691, #736, #726, #708)

  • Set buffering only when frame is partial in Makes it work with crossfade transitions (#695)

  • Changed Icy-MetaData:1 to Icy-MetaData: 1 in HTTP source headers. Fixes some shoutcast implementations (#727)


  • Fixed smart_crossfade transitions skipping data after track marks. (#683, #652)

  • Fixed input.pulseaudio parameters.


  • Added a bunch of base mathematics primitive, exp, log, cos, sine, ...

  • Added "extinf_duration" to parsed #EXTINF metadata.


  • Fixed inotify watch semantics (#677)

  • Enhanced #EXTINF parsing in ambiguous cases (#625)

  • Fixed (#630)

  • Make sure server writes are synchronous (#643)

  • Fixed crash when loading some frei0r plugins (#435)

  • Fixed compilation with osx-secure-transport


  • Added FFMPEG decoder using the new ocaml-ffmpeg API. Thanks for @gndl for the hard work there.

  • Added "init.allow_root" setting to allow running liquidsoap as root.

  • Added on_track callback for playlists. Can be used to force a reload.

  • Added server.condition, server.wait, server.broadcast and server.signal. Used to control server command execution.

  • Added server.write,{chars,line} to write interactive server commands in conjunction with the above functions. (#544, #568)

  • Added as a wrapper around output.gstreamer.audio_video to stream live to Youtube (#498)

  • Added metadata extraction to ffmpeg2wav protocol (#623).


  • Depends on OCaml >= 4.03.0

  • Depends on camomile > 1.0.0

  • Use http{s}.head when available to fetch remote file's mime type. (win32 port)

  • Better log messages for root exit and buffer override.

  • Switch default log to stdout. Set to file when log.file.path is set (#612)

  • Disabled Gstreamer stream decoder.

  • Removed asynchronous mode for output.gstreamer.audio_video

  • Reworked smartcross internal logic (#596)

  • Enabled replaygain on m4a files, thanks to @gilou (#604)

  • Added encoding parameter to output.shoutcast to allow alternative string encoding for metadata updates (#411)

  • Deprecated rewrite_metadata


  • Decouple dyntools compilation.

  • Support for OCaml >= 4.06

  • File descriptor leak in output.icecast (#548)

  • Fixed URL regexp for input.https (#593)

  • Multiple gstreamer fixes:

    • File decoder with video.

    • Memory leaks (#516, #511, #434, #318)

    • Process freeze (#608, 278)

  • Duppy crash on exit (#160)

  • Fixed audio glitches when using the pipe operator (#614)


  • Added on_change to register

  • Added IPv6 support for input.harbor. (#491)

  • Added time, localtime and gmtime to help with time-predicates (#481)

  • Added on_start to execute callback when liquidsoap starts.

  • Added enable_external_ffmpeg_decoder to enable ffmpeg-base external decoder.

  • Added "decoder.external.{ffmpeg,ffprobe,flac,metaflac,faad,mpcdec}.path" configuration settings.


  • Renamed secure transport harbor key paths to: harbor.secure_transport.*

  • Renamed secure transport I/O to: {input,output}.harbor.secure_transport.

  • Added .wma to gstreamer file decoder file extensions (#483)


  • Fixed memory leak in output.icecast connection method. (#490)

  • Fixed mutexify


  • Removed kick telnet/server command, duplicate of stop.

  • Support replaygain for mp3 files, thanks to @d4h3r0 (#460)

  • Implement input.harbor.ssl using SecureTransport for OSX.


  • Fix scheduler loop causing high CPU usage when using Process_handler without some of the default callbacks. (#475)

  • Revert wait_for implementation to pre-1.3.0, using a custom select loop (#453)

  • Handle mime-type arguments in input.harbor streams. (#456)

  • Tell ocaml to use the same C compiler at build and link time. Fixes build on FreeBSD when using C++-based bindings such as taglib. (#465)

  • Accept any capitalization of HTTP(S) as regular HTTP URL (#464)

  • Fix compilation with osx-secure-transport enabled.


  • Allow any tags allowed in "encoder.encoder.export" settings in vorbis streams (#418)

  • Allow "audio/mp3" mime-type for mp3 in file resolution protocol. (#451)


  • Fixed run_process, get_process_lines, get_process_output when compiling with OCaml <= 4.03 (#437, #439)

  • Calls to wait_for while the scheduler isn't running (#442)


  • Added support for recursive functions (#406)

  • Add peak and peak.stereo operators (#364)

  • Change track_sensitive parameter to a boolean getter (fixed value or anonymous function).

  • Add SSL support to the various harbor operators, either via openssl or OSX's SecureTransport.

  • Add optional "dj" and "next" metadata for Shoutcast v2, wrap "dj" value in a callback in output.shoutcast (#370, #388)

  • Allow partial parsing of JSON objects in of_json.

  • Generalize list.assoc to allow default values. Legacy code must be updated: list.assoc(k,l) -> list.assoc(default="",k,l)

  • Generalize list.hd to allow default values. Legacy code must be updated: list.hd(l) -> list.hd(default="",l)

  • Allow to pass a default to list.nth. Legacy code must be updated: list.nth(l,pos) -> list.nth(default=<..>,l,pos)

  • Added on_offset to execute a callback at a given offset within a source's tracks.

  • Added mutexify to protect a function from being called concurrently.

  • Added request.log to get log data associated with a request

  • Added overlap_sources to rotate between sources with overlapping tracks.

  • Added replay_metadata to input.harbor()

  • Added \<char code> syntax for strings (#368)

  • Added string.sub

  • Added run_process to run a process with optional environment and return (stdout,stderr,exit_status)

  • Added add_playlist_parser to register new playlist parsers

  • Added optional static parameter to protocol.add

  • Added file.temp to create fresh temporary filename

  • Added process: protocol

  • Reimplemented curl-based fetch process using process:

  • Added s3:// protocol to fetch files from AWS S3 using the AWS CLI.

  • Added polly: protocol to enable speech synthesis using AWS polly. Generated files are mono so make sure you use audio_to_stereo().

  • Added youtube-dl: protocol to resolved requests using youtube-dl

  • Added which() to find an executable within the $PATH

  • Added register() to allow to register new configuration settings


  • Reverted default value for --error_as_warnings option, renamed to --strict.

  • Moved say: protocol registration to utils.liq.

  • Moved get_process_lines and get_process_output to utils.liq, added optional env parameter

  • Set conservative=true by default in cross() and smartcross()

Deprecated (can be removed in any future version):

  • Dynamic plugins compilation, deprecated in favor of opam rebuild mechanism.


  • aac and aacplus encoders, removed in favor of fdk-aac.

  • dirac/schroedinger video encoder: obsolete, abandoned upstream.

  • force_mpeg option in taglib metadata decoder. Has not been used for years and allows to decouple taglib code from the mad decoder.


  • Fix negative seek (#390)

  • Prevent flows metadata updata from stalling sources (#377)

  • Add revdns setting for telnet, set all revdns default to false (#372)

  • Fix icy metadata in output.harbor (#358)

  • Fix missing first line of headers from icy clients in input.harbor (#380)

  • Fix timestamp in some logged output (#395)

  • Fix crash in external (download) protocol.

  • Fix fade.{in,out} metadata handling for new fade duration and type.


  • Support for https (SSL/TLS) icecast connections.

  • Added http.{put,head,delete}, https.{get,post,head,put,delete}.

  • Added input.https.

  • Added list.mapi.

  • Added rotate.sequence.

  • New pipe() operator to pipe audio data through an external program.

  • Switched to curl for request resolution/fetch.


  • Fix metadata update for shoutcast v2 when sid <> 1 (#320).


  • Websocket server (#90): this means that you can stream to harbor directly from your browser!

  • Add support for AIFF format (#112).

  • Add url.split_args to split the argument of an url (#123).

  • Add buffer.adaptative to cope with small network delays (#131).

  • Add sleeper operator to simulate network delays and test robustness (#131).

  • Add stereo.left and stereo.right to extract channels from a stereo stream.

  • Add restart command to restart liquidsoap (#135).

  • Add file.contents to read the contents of a file.

  • Add filter.rc for first-order RC filters.


  • Add support for sending OSC data (osc.send_*).

  • Native support for (some) AVI files (#256) which enables support for external video encoders (#233).

  • Improve rms operator (#105) to have per channel rms (#102), the ability to dynamically set window duration (#103) and multiple monitors (#104).

  • Icecast streaming can now use HTTP1.1 chunked encoding (#82, #107).

  • Add support for multiple shoutcast extensions (#216).

  • Fade type can be overridden by metadata in / fade.out (#64).

  • Allow LADSPA plugins with arbitrary number of channels (#191).

  • Rename shine encoder from %mp3.fxp to %shine.

  • fdkaac: dynamic plugin (#79), set afterburner parameter, use MPEG4 by default (#83).

  • Improved subtyping on lists (#125, #126).

  • Add native simple JSON decoder.

  • Better code: do not abusively use assertions (#137), issue more warnings and fix them (#162).


  • Correctly close connection in http.get / (#72).

  • Remove input.lastfm which has been broken for a while.


  • Add support for FDK-AAC, which seems to be the best AAC(+) encoder around for now. Replacement candidate for VO-AAC and AACPLUS

  • Add %ifencoder to check whether Liquidsoap was compiled with support for a particular encoding format.

  • There is now an emacs mode in scripts/liquidsoap-mode.el.

  • Liquidsoap can be used as a Windows service.


  • Handle more OSC types (float, float_pair, bool, string, string_pair) and added osc.on_*.

  • Better infrastructure for decoding images. add_image can now handle most image file types.

  • Add as well as min_int and max_int to standard library.

  • Add playlist.merge to play a whole playlist as one track.

  • Add gstreamer.hls to play http live streams (HLS).

  • Add say.program to specify text-to-speech program in scripts.

  • Add "random" transition type to video.fade.* in order to select a random transition each time.

  • Add max parameter to drop data on buffer overrun with input.gstreamer.*.

  • Add bytes_per_page parameter to ogg encoders.

  • Add support for DTX in speex and opus, as well as VAD for speex.

  • Localize some more parsing errors in files.


  • Avoid deadlocks in harbor.

  • Correctly flush lame encoder.

  • Correct sequence operator when there is only one source.

  • Handle relative URLs in http playlists.

  • portaudio is now an active source.


  • Add support for GStreamer decoding, processing and encoding (%gstreamer format, v4l webcam input is now implemented using GStreamer).

  • Add support for opus decoding and encoding.

  • Add support for the shine encoder, which can efficiently work on architectures without FPU.

  • Add support for automatically computing the duration of tracks in the "duration" metadata [LS-641]. It can be enabled with set("request.metadata_decoders.duration",true)

  • Add support for frei0r video effects.

  • Allow %define'd variables in encoding formats [LS-634], e.g.

    %define BITRATE 24
    %define STEREO true
    output.file(%mp3(bitrate = BITRATE, stereo = STEREO),"bla.mp3",s)


  • Taglib now reads all metadatas (even non-standard ones).

  • Add a mode to automatically reload a playlist when the file was changed [LS-363,LS-523]. For instance, s = playlist("~/Music",reload_mode="watch"). Also, add to call a callback when a file is changed, with inotify support when present.

  • Add support for FFMpeg as video converter, which you can use with set("video.converter.preferred", "ffmpeg")

  • Add back_time argument to blank operators [LS-609].

  • Add a metadata to override duration.

  • MIME is computed at most once when extracting replaygain.

  • Default samplerate converter is now "fast".

  • BPM detection (bpm) now uses a callback.

  • Add clock.unify to unify clocks of all sources from a list.

  • Add source_url metadata to input.http streams.

  • Improved error message when theora format is not supported.

  • Add list.filter function.

  • video.add_image can now take any image format as input.

  • Add mux_stereo.

  • Support for external decoders in streams.

  • Move bugtracker to


  • Configure is now compatible with OCaml >= 4.0 and removed support for OCaml < 3.11 [LS-625].

  • Fix random memory access / memory leak when decoding AAC/MP4 files [LS-647].

  • Correct resampling of wav files.

  • Use the length for data indicated in header for wav files.

  • Argv.(0) now returns the script name [LS-605].

  • Liquidsoap should now operate fine when compiled with -noassert [LS-578].

  • Better handling of inexistent MIDI channels.

  • Video decoder now correctly handles videos from Icecast.

  • Avoid visu.volume freezing Liquidsoap on shutdown.

  • Fix a memory leak when decoding both audio and video in ogg [LS-636].

  • More efficient handling of video converters, also fixes some crashes [LS-623].

  • Have the soundtouch operator preserve tags [LS-621].

  • Fix remaining time estimation in cross and smart_cross.

  • Avoid deadlocks in harbor and input.http.

  • Remove leftover files in configure [LS-567].

  • Handle wav files with padded fmt headers.


  • correct type for the "flush" parameter in output.external() thanks to Romaric Petion for pointing it out

  • fix bug where MP3 encoder would discard initial ID3v2 rendering

  • fix bug where smart_cross() would stop before the end of tracks, thanks to Edward Kimber for raising the issue

  • load libraries in --interactive [LS-618]

  • update examples, notably the installed radio.liq thanks to Emery Hemingway for noticing the problem

  • generalize the types of input.http() and input.harbor() to allow variable content kinds, and also allow video for harbor [LS-601]

  • request.equeue() now allows to remove requests from the primary queue

  • fix compilation of lame dynamic plugin.


  • new values for metadata fields does not override old one anymore; use setting request.metadata_decoders.override to restore old behavior

  • stereo_mode and internal_quality parameters for %mp3 encoder

  • enable mad decoder for MP1 and MP2 in addition to MP3, create aliased configuration keys "decoder.file_extensions/mime_types.mad"

  • support for CUE sheet playlists and metadata in M3U

  • setting "decoder.taglib.force_mpeg" to force taglib to consider files as MPEG

  • scripting builtins getenv(), setenv() and environment()

  • scripting builtin source.fallible()

  • harbor is now verb-oriented, supporting GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, DELETE, OPTIONS

  • load DSSI plugins from environment variables and using dssi.register()

  • also display the type of the whole expression when -i is passed

  • generalized custom path support for facilitating standalone distributions

Finally, the 1.0.0 release! It brings several important fixes, but also some nice novelties. The most outstanding difference concerns output.icecast(): its restart and restart_delay parameters are gone, replaced by a new on_stop handler which is called on every error (failed connection or disconnection) and returns the new restart delay. The on_error handler receives a string describing the error which enables user-friendly reporting, adaptative delays, etc. Note that on_error defaults to fun(_)->3. which is equivalent to having restart=true, restart_delay=3. in previous versions, NOT the same as the former restart=false default. As a result, liquidsoap won't fail to startup if an initial connection attempt fails.


  • LS-532,527: avoid freeze after errors in streaming threads or source initialization routines

  • LS-542: race condition in playlist*() breaking randomness

  • LS-489: double expiration lead to illegal queue length and freeze of request-based sources

  • Avoid multiple simultaneous reloading in playlist*(), thanks to Fabio Costa for his help on this one!

  • Pass charset information to icecast server to avoid encoding bugs

  • LS-555: timeout for icecast connection attempts

  • LS-559: permanent stop after disconnection on Ogg streams

  • LS-565: efficient and crash-free error handling in input.http/harbor() when the input stream has an invalid number of channels

  • LS-431: proper handling of duration in blank() avoids abusive empty tracks

  • LS-556: rework conversion operators, optimizations used to be unsafe & broken

  • LS-574: silent MIDI synthesis operators

  • LS-396: drop*()'s types reflect that they don't support variable arities

  • LS-442: allow comments not terminated by newline at end of file New:

  • on_error handler in output.icecast(), see above

  • New msg param in %mp3 for marking frame headers, defaults to version string

  • output.file(): new on_close parameter, may be used to write exact duration

  • %mp3.vbr/abr for variable bitrate MP3, %mp3 is now a synonym of %mp3.cbr

  • MP3 encoders now support ID3v2 tags

  • input.http(): new "status" command

  • LS-556: mux_mono() for adding a single audio channel into a stream

  • video.add_text() using libgd (gd4o) for environments without X Dependency on graphics can be disabled (to work around erreneous detection)

  • script language: add infix operator mod (patch by Fabio Costa)

  • delay() now has an "initial" parameter

  • LS-557: "server.timeout" setting can now be disabled by setting it to -1

  • LS-532: source.init() for selective init with a way to handle errors, plus settings "clock.allow_streaming_errors" and "init.force_stat" (or --force-start on the command line) for easing dynamic uses of liquidsoap Enhancements:

  • Panic crash to avoid frozen liquidsoap after duppy crashes

  • Text-to-speech: festival and sox are now only runtime dependencies

  • LS-475,516: better support for dynamic URL change in input.http()

  • LS-484: display user-friendly error messages in interactive mode

  • LS-308: use seconds internally in request sources, avoid overflow and display more user-friendly debug messages

  • Cleanup visu.volume() and video.vis_volume()

  • LS-573: replace " " by "_" in identifiers to make them valid in the server

  • Script syntax: unary minus now usable without parenthesis after semicolon

  • Two generic queues by default, to avoid deadlocks in advanced situations

  • Feature: Added of_json to parse json data. Depends on json-wheel.

  • Feature: Added file.exists and is_directory.

  • Feature: Added timeout options for: telnet, harbor (server), input.icecast

  • Enhancement: finer-grained timeout detection for input.harbor and input.http

  • Fix: deadlock when disconnecting harbor users through server/telnet command.

  • Fix: dynlink detection in native mode with old versions of ocaml

  • Fix: was unusable in beta2, as a side effect of removing duplicate "timeout" parameter in playlist().

This release introduces lots of fixes and cleanup, but also some new features. Major novelties: support for fast seeking and cue points, FLAC and improved AAC+ support, introduction of the liquidsoap yellowpages "flows", plugin support and improved messages for scripting errors Compatibility warning: insert_metadata has changed, and clock.assign_new() should be used instead of clock() to avoid some of the new static checks


  • New support for seeking and fast computation of durations in most formats

  • New decoders: FLAC (native & Ogg) and images using Camlimages

  • Fixes in Ogg decoding: LS-515 (loss of data) and LS-537 (segfault).

  • Fix LS-337: periodical failures when decoding AAC(+) streams

  • AAC(+): use new ocaml-faad with builtin mp4ff, easier to build

  • New detection mechanism mixing extensions and MIME types (when available), with corresponding settings decoder.file_extensions.<format> and decoder.mime_types.<format>.

  • Decoder order can be user-defined thanks to new settings "decoder.file_decoders", "decoder.stream_decoders" and "decoder.metadata_decoders".

  • Indicate which decoder is used in the "decoder" metadata

  • More helpful log for various errors

  • Fix segfault with SdlImage image decoder


  • New FLAC encoders %flac (native) and %ogg(%flac)

  • New AAC+ 2.0 and vo-aacenc

  • New settings to theora: keyframes make files much smaller!

  • New settings for WAV encoding: headerless, samplesize.

  • Fix segfaults with ocaml-aacplus

  • Enhancement LS-441: filter metadata before encoding, based on the "encoder.metadata.export" setting.

  • Rework infrastructure of encoded outputs to fit all formats, outputs and styles of metadata handling, file reopening (#386)


  • New: output.harbor() which acts as a mini icecast server, accepting listeners directly. Encoding is shared among users, and is only performed when needed.

  • New: ability to register HTTP GET/POST handlers to create simpler web services, using harbor.http.register/remove().

  • Make all settings local: port, user and password can be set independently for each input.harbor() source

  • New: "metadata_charset" and "icy_metadata_charset" in input.harbor()

  • Fix: race condition possibly leading to abusive "source taken" (LS-500)


  • Add support for streaming native flac, only works when streaming to input.harbor(), not supported by actual Icecast servers

  • Fix bugs in ICY protocol support (header parsing, user name)

  • Use ICY metadata updates when streaming AAC(+)

  • New: "encoding" parameter for output.icecast(), used for recoding metadata Defaults to "latin1" with shoutcast servers

  • New: icy.update_metadata() function for manual updates

  • Enhance default "song" metadata, avoiding " - " when unnecessary (#467)


  • New experimental input.v4l/v4l2() for webcams

  • New experimental input/output.udp() for unchecked UDP streaming, available with most formats (at your own risk)

  • Restore output.pipe.external(), now called output.external()

  • New parameters for most outputs and inputs (start, on_start, on_stop, fallible); cleanup and uniformize implementations (LS-365)

  • New ALSA settings alsa.alsa_buffer, alsa.buffer_length and alsa.periods Setting periods=0 allows to not attempt to set the number periods, which is impossible on some devices

  • New preference order in input/output.preferred(): pulseaudio, portaudio, oss, alsa, ao, dummy


  • New: support for cue points with cue_cut()

  • Change insert.metadata() which is now more script friendly, returning an insertion function rather than register a server command. The old functionality is available as server.insert_metadata().

  • New: rms() operator for getting RMS of a stream, and server.rms() which makes this information available as a server command.

  • New: track_sensitive mode for blank detection operators

  • New: playlist.reloadable() for playing a list once, with a command for restarting it.

  • Remove id.*() which can be replaced by type annotations

Scripting API:

  • New: OSC support through osc.bool(), osc.float() and osc.float_pair()

  • New: JSON export json_of()

  • New: http.get() and

  • New: url.encode/decode(), base64.encode/decode()

  • New: string.recode() for charset conversions using camomile

  • New: notify_metadata() and osd_metadata(), suitable for use with on_track() and on_metadata()

  • New: request.metadata() for getting a request's metadata

  • New: string.length()

  • Enhance log_clocks() with parameter for delaying startup

  • Enhance get_clock_status() with "uptime" reference time

Server interface:

  • Print the playlist's URI when calling <playlist>.uri without an argument.

  • Enhance <queue>.ignore now works also in the primary queue

  • New command for changing the URL of an input.http(), ref #466. The command is <id>.url and it needs a restart (<id>.stop, then start) to take effect.

  • Fixed double registration of server commands which resulted in broken "help" command (LS-521)

Script language:

  • Option "-i" doesn't show types for pervasives anymore

  • Pretty printing of types (LS-474) with indentation, also used in the documentation

  • Enhanced type errors (LS-459): no more traces, only the relevant part of types is displayed, plus a few special friendly messages.

  • Enhanced static checks (LS-123) thanks to the introduction of the active_source subtype, for unused variables and ignored values This should avoid common errors, help troubleshooting If needed, advanced users can work around errors using --check-lib and --errors-as-warnings


  • Do not attempt to install "daemon" files if user/group have not been set, unless forced using "make INSTALL_DAEMON= install"

  • Fix several core "source protocol" bugs, causing assert failures and other crashes: LS-460 (source becomes not ready without operator knowing) #403 (information about being ready is not precise enough)

  • Fix incorrect image accesses (LS-430) by introducing a safer VFrame API Applies to most video operators ( video.fade(), video.text(), effects...)

  • Cleanup resource (de)allocation, which is becoming critical with dynamic reconfigurations (e.g., dynamic output creation, source.dynamic()) Enforce that server commands are always deallocated (LS-495) Attempt to stop sources when initialization fails, so they cleanup as much as possible (LS-503) Avoid deadlocks upon crashes in IoRing-based operators Share code for stoppable feeding threads, use it in input.harbor() Avoid useless initialization of SDL systems

  • Dynamic loading of lame and aacplus libraries, making it possible to ship them as separate binary packages. This is particularly useless for non-free libraries and for those that depend on X (e.g., SDL) which is often undesirable on servers

  • Support for separate compilation of most optional features as plugins Use --enable-<feature>-dynamic-plugin in ./configure and --dynamic-plugins-dir in liquidsoap

  • Better Win32 support, more version checks, separate compilation of C files and compliance with Debian's OCaml standards

  • Externalize many audio and video functions in the new ocaml-mm library Factorize and optimize various conversions

  • Rewrite harbor and server code using the new Duppy monad, introducing camlp4 into the build system

  • New regression tests (make test)

  • More user-friendly exception printing

  • Avoid problems preventing backtrace printing


  • Update liguidsoap, make microphone input optional (LS-496)

  • Do not crash upon charset-recoding failures [LS-473]

  • Fix in source.dynamic(): missing source re-selection [LS-354]

  • Avoid deadlock on startup in daemon mode [LS-229]

  • Fixes in LADSPA and SDL causing early freezing of Frame parameters.

  • Fullscreen mode for output.sdl()

  • Fix: SIGPIPE used to cause crashes (LS-53,LS-287)

  • Fix: video.volume() could crash upon some end-of-track situationos

  • Fix: properly escape filenames in external file duration methods

This beta version introduces two major new features: heterogeneous stream types and clocks.


  • Different sources can carry different types of content.

  • Encoding formats have been introduced to help infer stream content types. This brings static checking for bounds in encoding parameters.

  • Introduce conversions between stream contents (mono, stereo, drop audio, video, etc) and muxing.

  • Allow explicit type annotations in scripts.

  • Introduce clocks, cleanly allowing for the coexistence of different time flows, and avoiding inconsistencies that can result from it. Soundcard I/O and cross-based operators notably make use of it.

  • Remove root.sync, replaced by attaching a source s to clock(sync=false,s).

  • Enable dynamic source creation and source.shutdown().

  • Extend and adapt MIDI and video operators.

  • Introduce purely metadata streams (audio=video=midi=0 channels) and metadata stream decoder.

  • Support WAV streams in input.http/harbor().

  • Introduce static image decoder using SDL image.

  • Remove bound of request identifies (RID).

  • Experimental: source.dynamic() for advanced dangerous hacking.

  • Make path relative to script in %include "PATH", and introduce %include <...> where path is relative to liquidsoap library directory.

  • Add channels_matrix parameter to

  • Add on_(dis)connect hooks in input.harbor().

Cleanup and fixes:

  • Lots of cleanup and fixes as with all major code rewriting.

  • Optimize video and stabilize it a little bit... still not perfect.

  • Rewrite stream and file decoding API, as well as file format detection.

  • Enhance shutdown and error message reporting, notably for icecast and request-based sources.

This release is a bugfix of the latest snapshot (0.9.2). It will be the last bugfix before 1.0.

Bugs fixed:

  • Add "audio/mpegurl" to the list of mime-type for basic playlist parsing.

  • Decode arguments passed to input.harbor.

  • Use Camomile framework to try to recode arguments and user/password passed to input.harbor.

  • Support Theora 1.1 API via ocaml-theora 0.2.0.

  • Fixed input.lastfm.

  • Fixed SDL output.

This release is a SNAPSHOT of upcoming features. It also contains several important bugfixes. As a snapshot, it contains experimental or unpolished features, and also breaks compatibility with previous versions. You should in particular notice the two "New" items below:

  • random(strict=true) is now called rotate();

  • request sources (playlists, request.*) have a new queuing behavior, check the doc (request-sources.html) or revert to conservative=true.

Bugs fixed:

  • Ogg encoder now muxes pages according to their ending time.

  • Support "ogg/audio" and "ogg/video" mime types for HTTP ogg streams.

  • Changed external encoder's "restart_encoder" to the more relevant "restart_on_new_track". Added optional "restart_after_delay" to restart the encoder after some delay. Also completely rewrite stop mechanism. Stop operation now waits for the encoding process to finish, allowing proper restart_on_new_track like for ogg encoded data.

  • Factorized buffered I/O code. Also added a blocking API, which avoids "no available frame" and "reader not ready" messages and audio glitches. It enforces that root.sync be deactivated for these sources, such that synchronization is done by the source. (#203)

  • Factorized file decoding code.

  • Fixed reversed order when parsing playlists using playlist.parse().

  • Avoid bad crashes when resources lack, e.g. no more memory.

  • Tighten and enforce the inter-source protocol.

  • All outputs: fix the autostart server command. With the former code, a modification of the autostart parameter was only taken into account one start/stop cycle later.

  • on_blank(): fix a bug that prevented the first call to on_noise.

  • Fixed estimated remaining samples on ogg files, fixes issues with operators relying on this value, in particular crossfade() and request-based sources when operating in non-conservative mode.

  • Fixed socket descriptor leak in input.http. (#318)

  • Fixed deadlock at init when an exception was raised at wake_up phase. (#319)

  • Fix delay() which could sometimes incorrectly declare itself ready, and thus try to get some data from its unavailable input source.

  • Bug in queue duration estimation led to infinite feeding of the queue, until all request IDs are taken.

  • Several fixes enforcing clean (non-deadlocking) sleep/shutdown.


  • The operator rotate() replaces random(strict=true), and random() does not have a strict parameter anymore.

  • Switch to new behaviour in request-based sources. Use conservative=true to get to the old behaviour.

  • on_blank(): provide an on_noise handler.

  • playlist*(): add server commands for reloading the playlist and changing its URI.

  • Fallible outputs: all outputs now have a fallible mode, in which they accept fallible sources, and automatically start/stop when the child fails to stream.

  • EXPERIMENTAL ogg/dirac encoding support.

  • output.*.aacplus(): native outputs encoding in AAC+ using ocaml-aacplus.

  • Switched to a custom implementation of the various shout protocols. It notably allows arbitrary content-type settings which enables AAC+ streaming. Enabled wrappers for external encoders for AAC+ format aacplusenc (#220 and #136). Also added custom IRC, AIM and ICQ headers to shoutcast wrappers (#192).

  • Harbor now supports Shoutcast/ICY headers properly. This allows in particular the use of any supported data format for the source client.

  • Harbor sources now also consider "song" field when updating metadata.

  • Added built-in support for m4a audio files and metadata. Made external support optional through enable_faad.

  • Added optional resampling for output.external operators (#273).

  • Added optional host and port parameters for audioscrobbling submissions. Allows to use alternate systems, such as of jamendo's compatibility API. Added nowplaying submission, and various wrappers, including a full submission process (now playing at beginning, submit some times before the end).

  • New variables in the script language: liquidsoap.version and configure.{libdir,pidfile,logdir}.

  • Added built-in support for replay_gain, through the replay_gain protocol (enabled by default) and the replay gain metadata resolver (to be enabled using enable_replaygain_metadata()). (#103 & #317)

  • Reverse DNS operations can be disabled using settings keys server.telnet.reverse_dns and harbor.reverse_dns.


  • MIDI: file decoding, synthesis, virtual keyboard.


  • RTP input and output.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed request task not ending properly for request-driven sources (playlist, request.queue, request.equeue). Fixes a problem reported when reloading an empty playlist multiple times. (#269)

  • Fixed math.h usage in rgb_c.c.

  • Fixed append operator. (#284)

  • Fixed OSS compilation for non-linux systems.

  • Disconnect idle harbor sources after timeout has expired. Thanks to Roman Savrulin for reporting and fixing !

  • Taglib metadata resolver is only used on files decoded by the MP3 decoder.


  • Get a node's striping status when stripping blank with strip_blank (#260).

  • on_connect function for input.harbor now receives the list of headers given by the connected source (#266).

  • Added on_end operator, to execute a handler when a track ends.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed byte swapping function.

  • Fixed unix server socket failure (#160).

  • Fixed mp3 audio glitches when decoding files with picture id3v2 tags using ocaml-mad (#162).

  • Fixed liquidsoap crash on weird telnet and harbor input (#164).

  • Fixed request.queue() not considering initial queue on wake-up (#196).

  • Fixed source leak in append().

  • Fixed after_output propagation in the transitions of switches (#208).

  • Fixed compilation for ocaml 3.11 (#216).

  • Fixed (again) Vorbis mono output (#211).

  • Avoid crashing on broken symlinks when parsing directories (#154).

  • Use random temporary file in liGuidsoap.

  • Fixed liGuidsoap to use the (not so) new metadata field initial_uri.

  • Fix bugs in the life cycle (sleep/wake_up) of queued request sources, which made say_metadata unfunctional.

  • Remove buggy unbuffered {input,output}.jack. (#231)

  • Fixed audio information sent to icecast. (#226)

  • Fixed global reset starting inactive sources. (#227)

  • Fixed shoutcast source initial answer in harbor. (#254)

  • Fixed frame and metadata duplication in cross operators. (#257)

  • Fixed several sources (outputs, external streams) that were not going to sleep correctly.


  • Warning: interactive_float() is now interactive.float().


  • Compatible with OCaml 3.09.

  • Faster shutdown.

  • Rewrote ogg decoding, for files and streams.

  • Support for ogg skeletons, currently only used for theora.

  • Cleanup icecast class hierarchy and restart mechanism, especially with respect to the encoder.

  • Support for breaks and metadata in generators. As a result, input.http() and input.harbor() now fully support them. See new_track_on_metadata parameters there.

  • Switch operators (fallback,random and switch) can now replay the metadata of a source that has been left in the middle of a track.

  • New force_mime parameter for input.http().

  • New insert_missing parameter for append().

  • Multi-line strings in liq scripts, with a caml-like syntax.

  • Slight modification of the scripting syntax, handling unary minus.

  • Added user_agent parameter for input.http and input.lastfm

  • Added speex support for files and HTTP streams.

  • Added EXPERIMENTAL support for AU, AIFF and NSV mp3 audio files using ocaml-natty.

  • Added "prefix" parameter to the playlist operators. Allows to prefix each uri in order to force resolution through a specific protocol, like replaygain: for instance. (#166)

  • Support for external processes as audio encoder:

    • Added output.icecast.lame to output to icecast using the lame binary.

    • Added output.icecast.flac to output to icecast using the flac binary.

    • Full generic support awaits some changes in libshout.

  • Support for external processes as audio stream decoder:

    • Added input.mplayer to stream data coming from mplayer.

  • Support for external processes as audio file decoder:

    • Added support for flac audio files using the flac binary.

    • Added support for m4a files using the faad binary.

    • Added optional support for mplayer, enabled with enable_mplayer().

  • Support for external metadata decoders.

  • Support for generic authentication function in harbor, also available for ICY (shoutcast) clients.

  • Added optional support for the samplerate library, and dynamic configuration of resampling routine.

  • Added lag() operator, which delays a stream by a constant time.

  • Initial support for PulseAudio.

  • Added experimental support for {input,output}.marshal, allowing raw communication between various liquidsoap instances.

  • Added optional alternatives to store buffered audio data:

    • raw: in memory, s16le format

    • disk: on disk, several big files

    • disk_manyfiles: on disk, a lot of small files See documentation for more details.

  • Fixed metadata propagation during default transition in smart_crossfade

  • Changed transition evaluation order in smart_crossfade

  • Fixed transition function in smart_crossfade

0.3.8 (30-07-2008)

Bugs fixed:

  • Vorbis mono output is now working

  • Fixed parameter parameter description in the documentation

  • Propagate new delay in add_timeout

  • Fixed inter-thread mutex lock/unlock in

  • Fixed "next" playlist command

  • Fixed race conditions in feeding task

  • cross/smartcross: raise the default for inhibition as setting it to exactly duration is not enough

  • Don't fail when $HOME is not set

  • Fixed metadata update in input.harbor with icecast2 source protocol

  • Fixed shutdown function. Fixes #153

  • Fixed input.oss. Liquidsoap now works with OSS4 ! Fixes #158


  • Added a hook to execute a function when playlist.once ends

  • Enhanced smart_crossfade

  • Added and string.capitalize

  • New "exec_at" operator, to execute a function depending on a given predicate

  • Added script example in the documentation to listen to radio Nova and get the metadata from a web page.

  • Changed parameters name in fallback.skip to reflect who are the fallback and input source.

  • Added a dump file parameter to input.harbor, for debugging purpose.

  • Added an auth function parameter to input.harbor for custom authentifications. Fixes #157

  • Added "primary_queue" and "secondary_queue" commands to request.queue and request.equeue sources. Also set the metadata "queue" to either "primary" or "secondary" for each request in the queue. Documented it too.

  • Insert latest metadata for a node of a switch source when switching back to it in a middle of a track.

  • Added a 'conservative' parameter to cross, smilar to the one in smartcross.


Bugs fixed:

  • Now works on FreeBSD and hopefully other unices that are stricter than Linux about Mutex usage.

  • input.http() now has a bind_address parameter.

  • Harbor socket now has a timeout for lost connections.

  • smartcross() is now more compliant with the inter-sources protocol, fixes several "get frame didn't change the buffer" bugs.

  • Ogg packeting bugs.

  • Buffering policy in input.http/harbor().

  • No "." in IDs and labels.

  • Resources: FD leaks, useless threads (threads leaks?) in input.http().

  • fade.out() used to run into infinite loops when the delay was 0.


  • New documentation system and website.

  • Self-documenting server with a more helpful "help" command.

  • Moved to duppy: less threads, lighter load, and an configurable scheduler.

  • Moved to Taglib for more reliable access to MP3 metadata.

  • MIME types, notably for playlists and MP3 files.

  • New Jack support. The old one has been renamed to in/output.jack.legacy().

  • Harbor: per-mount passwords and the stop command to kick a source client.

  • Official Last.FM client.

  • Metadata is no more punctual but interval-based, which suppresses some surprising behaviours.

  • Perfected daemon behaviour.

  • All output.file.*() now have the features that used to be only in output.file.vorbis(), notable re-opening. Added %w to the strftime-like format codes allowed in their filename parameter.

  • Add clear_metadata() and map_metadata(). Now, rewrite_metadata() is a simple specialization of map_metadata(), written in utils.liq.

  • Dynamic amplification factor in amplify(), e.g. useful for replay gain.

  • Lots of new functions in the scripting API: for lists, requests, system interaction, shutdown, command-line parsing, scripted server commands, etc.

As always:

Bugfix release:

  • Close Http socket

  • Add http socket timeout

  • Close playlist file after reading its content

  • Fix http redirect support for lastfm files

  • Fix file open leak in camomile support

Bugfix release:

  • Fixed #57: scpls and mpegurl playlist parsing

Notation: "-" stands for a change, "+" for an addition.

  • Language

    • Support for polymorphism, subtyping and basic ad-hoc polymorphism, which allows a much simpler API, notably for maths and serialization.

    • Added interactive_*() for mutable values.

    • The right syntax for settings is now set("var", value) and can be used anywhere in the scripts.

    • The volume parameters of most operators are now in dB.

    • Many builtin functions added.

    • Nicer type error messages.

  • Sources

    • Added input.lastfm() to relay streams.

    • Added input.harbor() to received Icecast2 source streams.

    • Added noise() to generate white noise

    • Reimplemented playlist support, added various xml and text formats.

    • Added mpd protocol to find files using mpd.

  • Operators

    • New effects: compress(), flanger(), pan().

    • New filters: filter.fir.*(), filter.iir.*(), filter.biquad.*(), comb().

    • Added support for LADSPA effects.

    • Added eat_blank() to remove blanks.

  • Outputs

    • Added non-default restart option for output.icecast.*().

    • Added the possibility to tweak some settings at runtime.

    • Split output.icecast.vorbis() into output.icecast.vorbis.*() to distinguish between encoding modes -- and similarly for output.file.vorbis and mp3.

    • Better handling of Icecast disconnections.

  • IO

    • Added portaudio support.

    • Jack support is now somewhat working.

  • Major cleanup of the core stream representation; moved to float arrays, removing several back-and-forth conversions and enhancing the perfs a lot; reviewed all sources and operators, made many minor enhancements btw.

  • Lots of sound processing operators: compand, compress, normalize, pitch, bpm, soundtouch, saw, square, etc. Add more shapes to fade.*().

  • New track processing operators: insert_metadata, on_track.

  • Smart cross: allows to select a transition based on the volumes around the end-of-track.

  • Support for AAC encoding/decoding.

  • Several fixes to output.icecast.mp3 in order to support shoutcast servers.

  • Automatic format recognition for input.http(), support for playlists.

  • OSS I/O.

  • Unbuffered ALSA I/O for low latency.

  • Server interface via UNIX domain sockets.

  • Better output.file.vorbis with support for re-opening the file, appending, interpolate strftime format codes, etc.

  • Add pre-processing and math primitives to the language, new _[_] notation for assoc(), ruby-style anti-quotation ("..#{..}.."), add_timeout(), execute(), log()...

  • Ability to tweak the internal PCM stream format.

  • Classify sources and operators in categories for more structured doc.

  • Started a few visualization operators, text and graphics based.

  • New portable output to speakers using libao().

  • Updated liGuidsoap to use it until ALSA gets enhanced.

  • Implemented a decent estimation of the remaining time in a track.

  • Added the cross() operator allowing cross-fading.

  • Generalized say_metadata() into append() and prepend().

  • Per-track settings for cross(), fade.*(), prepend() and append() using requests' metadatas.

  • Implemented input.http.mp3(), including support for icy metadata.

  • New pipe() operator which allows one to filter the raw audio through an external program. However, sox and other common tools aren't suitable for that because they don't flush their output often enough.

  • New on_blank() operator for calling a callback on excessive blanks.

  • Restart outputs on insane latencies.

  • Type checkings for settings.

  • Setting for not starting the internal telnet server.

  • Now handles old and new versions of Camomile correctly.

  • More standards-compliant tarball

  • Generate doc with locally built liquidsoap

  • Try to cope with ill-formed mp3

  • Updated for newer versions of Camomile

  • Many minor and major fixes at every level!

  • Conversion of metadata to UTF8.

  • Got rid of too many threads by scheduling all download tasks in a single thread, and handling all of the server's clients in another single thread.

  • Simplified the time interval syntax and integrated it to the script language.

  • New protocol: Wget for FTP, HTTP and HTTPS.

  • Ability to define a new protocol from the script, typically using an external app/script for resolution, such as bubble.

  • Ability to use an external app/script for dynamically creating requests.

  • New on_metadata operator for performing arbitrary actions (typically a call to an external script) when metadata packets occur in a stream.

  • MP3 encoding, to file or shout.

  • API renamings and simplification.

  • Supports transition, as functions of type (source,source) -> source in all switching operators: schedule, random, fallback.

  • Restart icecast2 outputs on failures.

  • Major changes to the scripting language which is more uniform and flexible, has functions, a helpful (?) type inference, and a simple Ruby-like syntax.

  • Timing constraints and synchronization are managed by Root in a centralized way, no more by the many outputs which need it.

  • Audio decoding is no more based on file extensions, but on the existence of a valid decoder.

  • Added the equeue operators which allows interactive building of playlists, supporting insertion and moving of queued requests -- queue only allows you to push requests and cancel queued requests.

  • A Python-Gtk GUI for controlling operators, or more specifically as a console for creating your live show -- to be updated, still unstable.

  • Alsa input and output.

  • Blank detection, automatically skips on too long blanks, or strip them.

  • Http ogg/vorbis relay, the way to relay live shows.

  • Interactive mixer.

  • The request system was mostly rewritten to really fulfill its specification.

  • The server is no more associated to the queue operator but is now something external, in which all operators can plug commands. This much more logical design lead to many more interactive controls. The syntax of command outputs was also simplified for easier automated processing.

  • Dynamic loading of plugins.

  • Release for academic demonstration, not functional.


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