View your Mastodon archive offline

First you need an initialized OPAM installed
If you don't have it installed, it can be fetched from your system packages manager.
Then to initialize it, do opam init -a, then eval $(opam config env)

Now, to install mastodon-archive-viewer, do opam pin add mastodon-archive-viewer .

How to use mastodon-archive-viewer

Now that mastodon-archive-viewer is installed you just need to download the archive you want
to view, extract it in a new directory, then do:

$ cd <the archive directory>
$ mastodon-archive-viewer outbox.json

The mastodon-archive-viewer tool has also some options to filter out some items for example. Check out
the available options with mastodon-archive-viewer --help

Hidden feature

mastodon-archive-viewer can detect gifs vs. videos and thus display them differently.
However this feature for now requires the devel version of the ffmpeg OCaml bindings.
If you want this feature you'll have to install the dev version manually using:

$ opam pin add ffmpeg git://


If the installation fails somewhere while building the dependencies, you might miss one of
these tools on your systems: make, gcc, m4, libc-dev.
This might happen on a newly installed Alpine Linux, for instance.


  • Testing (I guess I missed some heuristics, help welcome!!)

  • Documentation

  • Clean code and better errors

09 Jul 2018
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