package mirage-net-unix

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v2.6.0 (26-Feb-2019)

  • Adapt to mirage-net 2.0.0 changs (@hannesm)

v2.5.0 (06-Feb-2019)

  • Build with dune instead of jbuilder (@avsm)

  • Upgrade opam metadata to 2.0 (@avsm)

  • Refresh Travis matrix to 4.07 as well (@avsm)

2.4.1 (16-Jun-2017)

  • Build with jbuilder

  • Update to use io-page-unix

2.4.0 (02-Apr-2017)

  • Expose the underlying fd (#40, from @samoht)

2.3.0 (20-Jan-2017)

  • Support MirageOS 3; drop support for earlier versions

  • listen no longer restarts itself when canceled (#36, from @yomimono)

  • Remove misleading error message referencing OSX (#31, from @hannesm)

  • Use topkg instead of OASIS

  • writev no longer fails when called with a list of total length > 1 page (#26, by @yomimono)

  • disconnect no longer causes a crash on invocation (#26, by @yomimono)

2.2.3 (17-May-2016)

  • Generate a random MAC address for the interface on each run. (#24, from @yomimono)

  • Remove unused id type (#21, from @talex5)

2.2.2 (07-Jun-2015)

  • Force non-blocking mode in the tun file descriptor to workaround a Linux 3.19+ kernel bug (see mirage/ocaml-tuntap#15). Requires tuntap 1.3.0+ for the corresponding fix.

2.2.1 (02-Jun-2015)

  • Make Netif.listen tail-recursive. This fixes a long-standing (small) memory leak (#16, by @hannesm and @samoht)

  • Expose Netif.pp_error

2.2.0 (07-Mar-2015)

  • Leave the tuntap persistence flag unchanged (#9, from @infidel)

  • Add explicit connect function to interface (#10)

2.1.0 (27-Jan-2015)

  • Support io-page 1.3.0+ interface.

  • Add local opam file for convenient OPAM 1.2 developer workflow.

2.0.0 (14-Aug-2014)

  • Make mac field mutable and add a set_mac function to modify it.

1.1.1 (30-May-2014)

  • Improve error message for permission denied (#6).

  • Fix the order of linking to ensure io-page.unix comes first. This works around a linking hack to ensure the C symbols load.

1.1.0 (01-Feb-2014)

  • Depend on the unified io-page library instead of io-page-unix.

1.0.0 (08-Dec-2013)

  • Use the NETWORK.listen interface from mirage-types-0.5.0.

  • Fix findlib package name to mirage-net-unix.

0.9.0 (08-Dec-2013)

  • Adapt to mirage-types-0.4.0

  • Do not pack Netif, making it a toplevel module instead.

  • import first version of Netif driver based on mirage-platform-0.9.8