package mrmime

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type t

Type of the header.

val pp : t Fmt.t

Pretty-printer of pp.

val assoc : Field_name.t -> t -> Field.field list

assoc field_name header returns all values associated to field_name (several can exist into a header). It returns order, value and location if it comes from a source.

val remove_assoc : Field_name.t -> t -> t

remove_assoc field_name t removes all values associated to field_name.

val concat : t -> t -> t

concat t0 t1 concats t0 with t1 - any field-name existing in both are not deleted/replaced.

val exists : Field_name.t -> t -> bool

exists field_name t is true if field_name exists in t.

val add : Field_name.t -> ('a Field.t * 'a) -> t -> t

add field_name (w, v) t adds a new field-name with value v. add does not replace field_name if it already exists into t.

val add_unless_exists : Field_name.t -> ('a Field.t * 'a) -> t -> t

add_unless_exists field_name (w, v) t is a collection of header fields that is the same as t if t already includes field_name, and otherwise is equivalent to add field_name (w, v) t.

val replace : Field_name.t -> ('a Field.t * 'a) -> t -> t

replace field_name (w, v) t replaces existing field-name field_name in t by the new value v. If field_name does not exist, it adds it.

val of_list : Field.field list -> t

of_list l returns a header from the list l (without location).

val of_list_with_location : Field.field Location.with_location list -> t
val to_list_with_location : t -> Field.field Location.with_location list
val to_list : t -> Field.field list
val empty : t

empty is an empty header which does not have any default values.

val content_type : t -> Content_type.t

content_type header returns Content_type.t of the given header. If it does not exist, it returns Content_type.default.

val content_encoding : t -> Content_encoding.t

content_encoding header returns Content_encoding.t of the given header. If it does not exist, it returns Content_encoding.default.

val message_id : t -> MessageID.t option

message_id header returns a MessageID.t if it exists. Otherwise it returns None.

val length : t -> int

length hdr returns the length of the given header hdr.

Decoder of header.

module Decoder : sig ... end

Encoder of header.

module Encoder : sig ... end
val to_stream : t -> unit -> string option

to_stream header returns a stream of the given header which can be used into protocol like SMTP.


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