package mrmime

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type 'x stream = unit -> 'x option
type buffer = string * int * int
type part
type multipart
type 'g rng = ?g:'g -> int -> string
val rng : int array rng

A default random generator.

val part : ?encoding:bool -> ?header:Header.t -> buffer stream -> part

part ?encoding ?header stream makes a new part from a body stream stream, with the given header (default to Header.empty). If header contains a Content-Transfer-Encoding and encoding = true (default), the stream will be encoded to the given encoding. Otherwise, the stream is not transencoded.

The underlying behavior of the encoding depends on what the user choose:

  • For a base64 encoding, the stream is encoded as is and the resulted stream emits the body line-per-line;
  • For a raw encoding, the stream is added as is and should respect the line-per-line emission;
  • For a quoted-printable, a chunk of the given stream is considered as a line regardless the newline convention of the operating system (and the encoder put a line-break according to the RFC 2045).

Despite the base64 encoding which can safely be used independantly of the behavior of the given stream, 7bit/8bit and quoted-printable expect a specific stream line-per-line. 7bit/8bit should include the CRLF newline per emission and the quoted-printable considers a emitted chunk as a line (without the newline character).

val multipart : ?g:'g -> rng:'g rng -> ?header:Header.t -> ?boundary:string -> part list -> multipart

multipart ~rng ~content ~boundary ~fields parts makes a new multipart from a bunch of parts, specified Content-* fields, others fields and a specified boundary. If boundary is not specifed, we use rng to make a random boundary (we did not check that it does not appear inside parts).

val multipart_as_part : multipart -> part

multipart_as_part m compiles a multipart m as a part.

type 'x body
val simple : part body
val multi : multipart body
type t

Type of mail.

val make : Header.t -> 'x body -> 'x -> t

make header kind v makes a mail from an header and a element which can be a simple part or a multipart.

val to_stream : t -> buffer stream

to_stream mail generates a stream from a mail.


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