package odoc-parser

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Locations in files.

This module concerns locations in source files, both points indicating a specific character and spans between two points.

Basic types

type point = {
  1. line : int;
  2. column : int;

A specific character

type span = {
  1. file : string;
  2. start : point;
  3. end_ : point;

A range of characters between start and end_ in a particular file

val span : span list -> span

span spans takes a list of spans and returns a single span starting at the start of the first span and ending at the end of the final span

val nudge_start : int -> span -> span

This adjusts only the column number, implicitly assuming that the offset does not move the location across a newline character.

Located values

type +'a with_location = {
  1. location : span;
  2. value : 'a;

Describes values located at a particular span

val at : span -> 'a -> 'a with_location

Constructor for with_location

val location : 'a with_location -> span

Returns the location of a located value

val value : 'a with_location -> 'a

Returns the value of a located value

val map : ('a -> 'b) -> 'a with_location -> 'b with_location

Map over a located value without changing its location

val same : _ with_location -> 'b -> 'b with_location

same x y retuns the value y wrapped in a with_location whose location is that of x


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