package odoc-parser

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Module type
Class type

Parser for ocamldoc formatted comments.

type t

type t is the result of parsing.

val parse_comment : location:Stdlib.Lexing.position -> text:string -> t

parse_comment ~location ~text parses text as an ocamldoc formatted string. The parser will try to recover from any invalid syntax encountered, and therefore this will always produce a result without raising exceptions with zero or more warnings. The location passed in should represent the start of the content of the documentation comment - so for a line such as

(** A comment starting in the first column (0) *)

the location should represent the space immediately before the A, so the in the 4th column (e.g. {... pos_bol=0; pos_cnum=3 })

module Ast : sig ... end

Abstract syntax tree representing ocamldoc comments

module Loc : sig ... end

Locations in files.

module Warning : sig ... end

Warnings produced during parsing.

val warnings : t -> Warning.t list

Extract any warnings from the parser result.

val ast : t -> Ast.t

Extract the Ast.t from the parser result.

val position_of_point : t -> Loc.point -> Stdlib.Lexing.position

Helper function to turn the internal representation of positions back into the usual representation in the Lexing module. Note that this relies on the information passed in parse_comment, and hence requires the result of that call in addition to the Loc.point being converted.


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