package opam-core

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Higher level file and directory name manipulation AND file operations, wrappers on OpamSystem using the filename type

module Base : sig ... end


Directory names

val cwd : unit -> Dir.t

Return the current working directory

val rmdir : Dir.t -> unit

Remove a directory

val cleandir : Dir.t -> unit

Cleans the contents of a directory, but keeps the directory in place.

val rmdir_cleanup : Dir.t -> unit

Removes an empty directory, as well as any empty leading path components. Must be called only on a directory that is known to not have empty parents, only internal opam directory (and not tmp dir).

val mkdir : Dir.t -> unit

Create a directory

val rec_dirs : Dir.t -> Dir.t list

List the sub-directory recursively

val dir_is_empty : Dir.t -> bool
val dirs : Dir.t -> Dir.t list

List the sub-directory (do not recurse)

val in_dir : Dir.t -> (unit -> 'a) -> 'a

Evaluate a function in a given directory

val env_of_list : (string * string) list -> string array

Turns an assoc list into an array suitable to be provided as environment

val exec : Dir.t -> ?env:(string * string) list -> ?name:string -> ?metadata:(string * string) list -> ?keep_going:bool -> string list list -> unit

Execute a list of commands in a given directory

val move_dir : src:Dir.t -> dst:Dir.t -> unit

Move a directory

val copy_dir : src:Dir.t -> dst:Dir.t -> unit

Copy directory src to dst, that is, recursively copy the contents of src into dst, overwriting any existing files.

Link a directory

val exists_dir : Dir.t -> bool

Does the directory exist?

val opt_dir : Dir.t -> Dir.t option

Returns the argument as option, if the directory exists

val dirname_dir : Dir.t -> Dir.t

Return the parent directory

val basename_dir : Dir.t -> Base.t

Return the deeper directory name

val to_list_dir : Dir.t -> Dir.t list

Turn a full path into a list of directory names

val raw_dir : string -> Dir.t

Creation from a raw string, without resolving symlinks etc.

val with_tmp_dir : (Dir.t -> 'a) -> 'a

Execute a function in a temp directory

val with_tmp_dir_job : (Dir.t -> 'a OpamProcess.job) -> 'a OpamProcess.job

Provide an automatically cleaned up temp directory to a job

val mk_tmp_dir : unit -> Dir.t

Raw function to create a temporary directory. No automatic cleanup

val concat_and_resolve : Dir.t -> string -> Dir.t

Create a new Dir.t and resolve symlinks

include OpamStd.ABSTRACT
type t
val of_string : string -> t
val to_string : t -> string
val to_json : t -> OpamJson.t
val of_json : OpamJson.t -> t option
module Set : OpamStd.SET with type elt = t
module Map : OpamStd.MAP with type key = t
type generic_file =
  1. | D of Dir.t
  2. | F of t

Generic filename

val create : Dir.t -> Base.t -> t

Create a filename from a Dir.t and a basename

val of_basename : Base.t -> t

Create a file from a basename and the current working directory as dirname

val raw : string -> t

Creation from a raw string, without resolving symlinks, etc.

val prettify : t -> string

Prettify a filename:

  • replace /path/to/opam/foo by <opam>/foo
  • replace /path/to/home/foo by ~/foo
val prettify_dir : Dir.t -> string

Prettify a dirname.

val dirname : t -> Dir.t

Return the directory name

val basename : t -> Base.t

Return the base name

val read : t -> string

Retrieves the contents from the hard disk.

val open_in : t -> Stdlib.in_channel

Open a channel from a given file.

val open_in_bin : t -> Stdlib.in_channel
val open_out : t -> Stdlib.out_channel
val open_out_bin : t -> Stdlib.out_channel
val remove : t -> unit

Removes everything in filename if existed.

val write : t -> string -> unit

Removes everything in filename if existed, then write contents instead.

val exists : t -> bool

Returns true if the file exists and is a regular file or a symlink to one

val opt_file : t -> t option

Returns the argument as option if it exists and is either a regular file or a symlink to one

val check_suffix : t -> string -> bool

Check whether a file has a given suffix

val add_extension : t -> string -> t

Adds a dot and the given file extension

val chop_extension : t -> t

Remove the file extension

val rec_files : Dir.t -> t list

List all the filenames, recursively

val files : Dir.t -> t list

List all the filename. Do not recurse.

Returns alll the files, including dangling symlinks (which means that not all entries will satisfy exists).

val with_contents : (string -> 'a) -> t -> 'a

Apply a function on the contents of a file

val copy_in : ?root:Dir.t -> t -> Dir.t -> unit

Copy a file in a directory. If root is set, copy also the sub-directories. For instance, copy_in ~root:"/foo" "/foo/bar/gni" "/toto" creates "/toto/bar/gni".

val move : src:t -> dst:t -> unit

Move a file

Read a symlinked file

Is a symlink?

val is_exec : t -> bool

Is an executable?

val copy : src:t -> dst:t -> unit

Copy a file

val install : ?warning:OpamSystem.install_warning_fn -> ?exec:bool -> src:t -> dst:t -> unit -> unit

Installs a file to a destination. Optionally set if the destination should be set executable

Symlink a file. If symlink is not possible on the system, use copy instead. With relative, creates a relative link through the closest common ancestor directory if possible. Otherwise, the symlink is absolute.

val is_archive : t -> bool

Returns true if the given file is an archive (zip or tar)

val extract : t -> Dir.t -> unit

Extract an archive in a given directory (it rewrites the root to match Dir.t dir if needed)

val extract_job : t -> Dir.t -> exn option OpamProcess.job

Same as extract, as an OpamProcess.job

val extract_in : t -> Dir.t -> unit

Extract an archive in a given directory

val extract_in_job : t -> Dir.t -> exn option OpamProcess.job
val make_tar_gz_job : t -> Dir.t -> exn option OpamProcess.job
val extract_generic_file : generic_file -> Dir.t -> unit

Extract a generic file

val starts_with : Dir.t -> t -> bool

Check whether a filename starts by a given Dir.t

val ends_with : string -> t -> bool

Check whether a filename ends with a given suffix

val dir_starts_with : Dir.t -> Dir.t -> bool

dir starts_with pfx dir Check whether dir starts with pfx

val dir_ends_with : string -> Dir.t -> bool

Check whether a dirname ends with a given suffix

val remove_prefix : Dir.t -> t -> string

Remove a prefix from a file name

val remove_prefix_dir : Dir.t -> Dir.t -> string
val remove_suffix : Base.t -> t -> string

Remove a suffix from a filename

val patch : ?preprocess:bool -> t -> Dir.t -> exn option OpamProcess.job

Apply a patch in a directory. If preprocess is set to false, there is no CRLF translation. Returns None on success, the process error otherwise

val touch : t -> unit

Create an empty file

val chmod : t -> int -> unit

Change file permissions

val written_since : t -> float

Returns delay since last file update, based on mtime

val find_in_parents : (Dir.t -> bool) -> Dir.t -> Dir.t option

Returns the closest parent of a directory (including itself) for which the predicate holds, if any


val flock : [< OpamSystem.lock_flag ] -> ?dontblock:bool -> t -> OpamSystem.lock

See OpamSystem.flock. Prefer the higher level with_flock functions when possible

val with_flock : [< OpamSystem.lock_flag ] -> ?dontblock:bool -> t -> (Unix.file_descr -> 'a) -> 'a

Calls f while holding a lock file. Ensures the lock is properly released on f exit. Raises OpamSystem.Locked if dontblock is set and the lock can't be acquired. f is passed the file_descr of the lock.

val with_flock_upgrade : [< OpamSystem.actual_lock_flag ] -> ?dontblock:bool -> OpamSystem.lock -> (Unix.file_descr -> 'a) -> 'a

Calls f with the file lock upgraded to at least flag, then restores the previous lock level. Upgrade to `Lock_write should never be used in blocking mode as it would deadlock. Raises OpamSystem.Locked (but keeps the lock as is) if dontblock is set and the lock can't be upgraded.

val with_flock_write_then_read : ?dontblock:bool -> t -> (Unix.file_descr -> 'a) -> ('a -> 'b) -> 'b

Runs first function with a write lock on the given file, then releases it to a read lock and runs the second function.

module Op : sig ... end
module Attribute : sig ... end

Simple structure to handle file attributes

val to_attribute : Dir.t -> t -> Attribute.t

Convert a filename to an attribute, relatively to a root


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