package opam-core

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opam-core 2.1.5


This package provides the following libraries (via ocamlobjinfo):



  • OpamVersionCompare Version comparison function used throughout. From the Dose suite.
  • OpamCompat
  • OpamJson Json encoder; only needed for some debug options
  • OpamStubsTypes Types for C stubs modules.
  • OpamStubs OS-specific functions requiring C code on at least one platform.
  • OpamStd Generic stdlib functions (String, List, Option, Sys submodules...)
  • OpamCoreConfig Configuration options for the core lib (record, global reference and setter)
  • OpamConsole Console output, ANSI color, logging and user querying
  • OpamVersion (generated) Current OPAM version
  • OpamProcess Process and job handling, with logs, termination status, etc.
  • OpamSHA Pure OCaml implementation of SHA256/512 hashing functions. The hash is returned as an hex string.
  • OpamACL C auxiliary function used for POSIX 1003.1e DRAFT 17 permission checking.
  • OpamSystem Bindings of lots of filesystem and system operations
  • OpamHash
  • OpamFilename Higher level file and directory name manipulation AND file operations, wrappers on OpamSystem using the filename type
  • OpamUrl URL parsing and printing, with support for our different backends
  • OpamParallel Parallel execution of jobs following a directed graph
  • OpamDirTrack
  • OpamCached

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