package opam-repository

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Configuration init and handling of downloading commands

exception Download_fail of string option * string
val download : ?quiet:bool -> ?validate:bool -> overwrite:bool -> ?compress:bool -> ?checksum:OpamHash.t -> OpamUrl.t -> OpamFilename.Dir.t -> OpamFilename.t OpamProcess.job

downloads a file from an URL, using Curl, Wget, or a custom configured tool, to the given directory. Returns the downloaded filename.

  • raises Failure

    if the download failed or if the checksum is specified and doesn't match

val download_as : ?quiet:bool -> ?validate:bool -> overwrite:bool -> ?compress:bool -> ?checksum:OpamHash.t -> OpamUrl.t -> OpamFilename.t -> unit OpamProcess.job

As download, but with a specified output filename.