package opam-repository

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Signature for repository handlers and some helpers for the repository type

type update =
  1. | Update_full of OpamTypes.dirname

    No previous known state, the full contents have been put in the given temporary directory

  2. | Update_patch of OpamTypes.filename

    The given patch file corresponds to the update, i.e. applying it to the local repository with 'patch -p1' would get it to the upstream state

  3. | Update_empty

    The repository is already up to date

  4. | Update_err of exn

    Failed to obtain the update


Type returned by repository updates.

module type S = sig ... end

Backend signature

val to_string : OpamTypes.repository -> string


Compare repositories

val check_digest : OpamTypes.filename -> OpamHash.t option -> bool

check_digest file expected check that the file digest is the one expected.

val job_text : OpamTypes.repository_name -> string -> 'a OpamProcess.job -> 'a OpamProcess.job

Adds a label to the given job, for the corresponding repository name and action

get_diff parent_dir subdir1 subdir2 computes the diff between the two subdirs of parent_dir, returns None if they are equal, and the corresponding patch otherwise.

Note: this relies on the diff -ruN command, a built-in diff may be more portable -- in particular, -u, -N are not POSIX, and recursive diffs might not be completely reliable. It also assumes text files only, and fails otherwise.