Module type
Class type


module Sup : SUPPORT


type error = [
  1. | `OpConflict of Sup.term * Sup.term

    Priority or associativiy conflict between two operators. In `OpConflict (t,o), operator o generates a conflict which prevents term t to be parsed.

  2. | `UnexpectedInfix of Sup.term

    An infix operator appears without left context. If + is an infix operator, it is raised in, e.g., + x x or x + + x x.

  3. | `UnexpectedPostfix of Sup.term

    A postfix operator appears without left context. If ! is a postfix operator, it is raised in ! x.

  4. | `TooFewArguments

    More arguments are expected. It is raised for instance on partial application of operators, such as x +.


Errors that can be encountered while parsing a stream of terms.

val expression : Sup.table -> Sup.term Stream.t -> (Sup.term, error) result

expression tbl s parses stream of tokens s with table of operators tbl. It transforms a sequence of applications to a structured application tree containing infix and prefix operators. For instance, assuming that + is declared infix, it transforms 3 + 5 + 2, represented as @(@(@(@(3,+),5),+),2) (where @ is the application) into (@(+(@(+,3,5)),2).