package qrc

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Module type
Class type

QR matrix text formatters.

type t = ?invert:bool -> ?quiet_zone:bool -> Format.formatter -> Qrc.Matrix.t -> unit

The type for QR matrix formatters. If invert is true (defaults to false) black modules are white and vice-versa. If quiet_zone is true (default) the surrounding frame of four zero modules is added.

val pp_ascii : t

pp_ascii uses two U+0020 (' ') for white modules and two U+0023 ('#') for black ones.

val pp_ansi : t

pp_ansi uses two ANSI white U+0020 (' ') for white modules and two ANSI black U+0020 (' ') for black ones.

val pp_utf_8_full : t

pp_utf_8_full uses two U+0020 (' ') for white modules and two UTF-8 encoded U+2588 (FULL BLOCK) for black ones.

val pp_utf_8_half : t

pp_utf_8_half fits two vertical modules per character. It uses U+0020 (' ') and UTF-8 encoded U+2588 (FULL BLOCK), U+2584 (LOWER HALF BLOCK) and U+2580 (UPPER HALF BLOCK).