package rdbg

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exception OracleError of string
val start : unit -> RdbgEvent.t
val lurette_start : unit -> unit
val clean_terminate : int -> unit
val rdbg_mv : ((string * Data.t) list * (string * Data.t) list) Stdlib.ref

In order to use an rdbg ml program to provide missing variables values:

  • rdbg_mv holds the missing input and output var names and types
  • rdbg_mv_hook holds a function that is used (instead Luciole or the keyboard) to provide missing values if:
  • Some variables are missing (to the SUT or its env), and
  • !rdbg_mv_hook <> None
val rdbg_mv_hook : (Data.subst list -> Data.subst list option) option Stdlib.ref

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