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Sihl Queue

Queues are useful for running jobs in the background. Typical use cases are exporting tables as CSV files or sending emails over SMTP that take too long to perform during an HTTP request.

In essence, you create a job and register it with a job worker. In your app, use Sihl.Contract.Queue.Sig.dispatch to put the job onto a queue for later processing.


sihl-queue ships with 3 backend implementations.



First, choose a backend in service/

module Queue = Sihl_queue.PostgreSql


Register the service in run/

let services = [ Service.Queue.register ~jobs:[] () ]


Run make sihl migrate to run pending migrations.


The service API is documented in Sihl.Contract.Queue.Sig.

Creating jobs

With Sihl_queue.create you can create a job in app/job/

let cook_pizza =
    (fun pizza_name ->
      Pizza.create_pizza pizza_name [] |> ignore |> Result.ok)

Don't forget to register the job with the queue service. The queue service comes with queue workers which need to know about the jobs available. In

let services =
  [ Sihl.Database.register ()
  ; Service.Migration.(register ~migrations:Database.Migration.all ())
  ; Service.Queue.register ~jobs:[ Job.cook_pizza; Job.order_ingredient ] ()

Dispatching jobs

You can only dispatch jobs that have been registered.

Service.Queue.dispatch ~input:"funghi" cook_pizza
  ~delay:(Sihl.Time.Span.minutes 2)

The returned Lwt.t resolves as soon as the job is queued.

You can also dispatch multiple jobs of the same type with different inputs. Following dispatches the same job 3 times with different inputs.

  ~input:["funghi"; "salami"; "prosciutto"]
  ~delay:(Sihl.Time.Span.hours 1)


sihl-queue comes with a built-in dashboard. The dashboard is packaged as a router Sihl.Contract.Queue.Sig.router and can be mounted into any existing app.

In order to only allow authenticated users to use the dashboard you can add your custom authentication and authorization middlewares. In routes/

let router_admin_queue =


let services =
  [ Sihl.Database.register ()
  ; Service.Migration.(register ~migrations:Database.Migration.all ())
  ; Sihl.Web.Http.register
        [ Routes.Api.router
        ; Routes.Site.router_admin_queue
  ; Service.Queue.register ~jobs:[ Job.cook_pizza; Job.order_ingredient ] ()

The dashboard has built-in support for HTMX. However, it is not requird to use HTMX and the dahsboard remains usable without. HTMX is used for dynamic features like auto-refreshing parts of the job instance list.

In order to use HTMX set HTMX_SCRIPT_URL to the URL of the HTMX JavaScript file, either served by Sihl from public or by a CDN.


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