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Vecosek is a MIDI sequencer designed for live, interactive performance settings, with arbitrarily complex music.

vecosek-scene is a library defining the scene format (JSON & Biniou) as a well as basic contructors to build scenes from an EDSL.

Published: 17 May 2018


Vecosek: The Very Controllable Sequencer

Vecosek is a MIDI sequencer designed live performance settings, with arbitrarily complex music.

  • A “scene” is a collection of (looping) tracks and event-handlers, both trigger different kinds of “actions” (directly outputting MIDI events or controlling the sequencer).

  • Scenes are described in a JSON format (or its equivalent Biniou for performance), and are meant to be constructed with an EDSL (we provide an OCaml library: vecosek-scene, see the module Vecosek_scene.Scene).

It does not have a graphical user interface; but you can nicely use it together with Vimebac.

Vecosek is an experimental successor to the venerable Locoseq.


You may consult the .gitlab-ci.yml file (and then the *.opam files) for dependencies and build-instructions, locally, it should be as simple as:

ocaml configure
jbuilder build @install

and see:

_build/default/src/app/main.exe --help

To build the documentation:

sh tools/


See src/test/ for a few test-scenes, you can build them with:

jbuilder build _build/default/src/test/scenes.exe

And then see:

_build/default/src/test/scenes.exe --help

Dependencies (6)

  1. atdgen < "2.10.0"
  2. yojson < "2.0.0"
  3. sosa
  4. nonstd
  5. jbuilder >= "1.0+beta20"
  6. ocaml >= "4.03.0"

Dev Dependencies


Used by (1)

  1. vecosek-engine




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