package zelus

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exception No_inline
val inline : bool -> Lident.t -> Zelus.funexp

or it is small enough

val reset : Zelus.exp -> Zelus.exp -> Zelus.exp

Building an expression let reset res = e every r in res

Build a renaming from an environment

val rename : Zident.Env.key -> 'a Zident.Env.t -> 'b

rename a variable

Renaming of type expressions

val operator : Zident.t Zident.Env.t -> Zelus.op -> Zelus.op

Rename an operator

Renaming of patterns

val expression : Zident.t Zident.Env.t -> Zelus.exp -> Zelus.exp

Renaming of expressions

Renaming a local declaration

val equation : Zident.t Zident.Env.t -> Zelus.eq -> Zelus.eq

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