package zelus

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static evaluation of expressions

type error =
  1. | NotStaticEq of Zelus.eq
  2. | NotStaticExp of Zelus.exp
  3. | TypeError
exception Error of error
val remove : 'a Zident.Env.t -> 'b Zident.Env.t -> 'a Zident.Env.t

Remove entries in the type environment of a block

val record_access : Global.value_code -> Lident.t -> Global.value_code

Pattern matching

Pattern matching. matches env p v = env' returns an extended

select env v m_b_list = b where * - env is a environment; * - v a value; * - m_b_list a list of pattern * block; * - b a block whose pattern matches v and is the first in the list

Evaluate an expression. expression env e = v

Evaluate an application

Evaluate all the definitions and returns an environment

Reduce an equation.


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