package capnp-rpc

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Module type
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type t

A t is a connection to a remote vat.

type restorer = ((EP.Core_types.cap, Exception.t) Pervasives.result -> unit) -> string -> unit

A restorer is a function f for restoring saved capabilities. f k object_id must eventually call k result exactly once to respond to the client's bootstrap message with result. k takes ownership of the capability.

val create : ?restore:restorer -> tags:Logs.Tag.set -> queue_send:([> EP.Out.t ] -> unit) -> t

create ~bootstrap ~tags ~queue_send is a handler for a connection to a remote peer. Messages will be sent to the peer by calling queue_send (which MUST deliver them in order). If the remote peer asks for the bootstrap object, it will be given a reference to bootstrap. Log messages will be tagged with tags.

val bootstrap : t -> string -> EP.Core_types.cap

bootstrap t object_id returns a reference to the remote peer's bootstrap object, if any. object_id is the "deprecatedObjectId", which is, however, still used. This call does not block; the result is a promise for the object, on which further messages may be pipelined.

val handle_msg : t -> [< EP.In.t | `Unimplemented of EP.Out.t ] -> unit

handle_msg t feeds one message received from the remote peer into t. It will call queue_send as necessary to handle the call. Messages MUST be fed to handle_msg in the order in which they arrive from the peer.

val disconnect : t -> Exception.t -> unit

disconnect t reason breaks all references with reason and releases the bootstrap object. Does nothing if already disconnected.

Debugging and diagnostics

val tags : t -> Logs.Tag.set

tags t is a set of logging tags suitable for logging a message about this connection.

val stats : t -> Stats.t

stats t returns statistics about the state of the connection.

val dump : t Fmt.t

dump formats a dump of the current state of the connection.

val check : t -> unit

check t performs some sanity checks on the state of the tables and raises an exception if it finds a problem.


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