package capnp-rpc

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Module type
Class type

A ref-count type that raises an exception on overflow.

type t

A number used as a reference count.

val zero : t
val one : t
val leaked : t

leaked is used to represent a ref-count that is invalid because we detected a GC leak.

val sum : pp:(Format.formatter -> unit) -> t -> int -> t

sum ~pp t d is t + d. Raises an exception (including pp) if this would overflow or become negative, or if t is zero or leaked.

val succ : pp:(Format.formatter -> unit) -> t -> t

succ ~pp t is add ~pp t 1.

val pred : pp:(Format.formatter -> unit) -> t -> t

pred ~pp t is add ~pp t (-1).

val is_zero : t -> bool

is_zero t is true if the ref-count is zero (the resource should be released). is_zero leaked = false, since whatever detected the leak should free it.

val pp : t Fmt.t
val check : pp:(Format.formatter -> unit) -> t -> unit

check ~pp t raises an exception (including pp) if t is zero or leaked. Useful in sanity checks.

val to_int : t -> int option

to_int t is the non-negative integer ref-count, or None if t = leaked.


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