package capnp-rpc

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Module type
Class type

The core RPC logic can be used with different serialisation systems. The appropriate types should be provided here.

type request
type response
type 'a msg
module Path : sig ... end

A field in a message that refers to a capability.

module Request : WIRE_PAYLOAD with type t = request msg and type path := Path.t
module Response : sig ... end
val ref_leak_detected : (unit -> unit) -> unit

ref_leak_detected fn is called when a promise or capability is GC'd while its ref-count is non-zero, indicating that resources may have been leaked. fn () will log a warning about this and free the resources itself. The reason for going via ref_leak_detected rather than calling fn directly is because the OCaml GC may detect the problem at any point (e.g. while we're sending another message). The implementation should arrange for fn to be called at a safe point (e.g. when returning to the main loop). Unit-tests may wish to call fn immediately to show the error and then fail the test.


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