package comby

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Defines some parameters for changing match behavior.

type t
type match_kind =
  1. | Exact
  2. | Fuzzy
val create : ?disable_substring_matching:bool -> ?match_kind:match_kind -> ?significant_whitespace:bool -> ?match_newline_toplevel:bool -> ?fresh:(unit -> string) -> ?substitute_in_place:bool -> unit -> t

create creates a new configuration based for some parts of matching behavior. These options are for uncommon use cases and the defaults are usually the right choice.

  • disable_substring_matching determines whether a pattern like "a" matches inside a substring, or whole words. Default: false.
  • match_kind determines whether a match template can match anywhere inside a source file (Fuzzy), or must match it exactly (Exact). Default: Fuzzy.
  • significant_whitespace is currently has no effect.
  • match_newline_toplevel determines whether matching should terminate on newlines if a hole is not specified inside a recognized block syntax. Default: false.
  • fresh is a generator for fresh values, used to evaluate equality relations.

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