package comby

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Module type
Class type
val all : ?configuration:configuration -> ?filepath:string -> ?rule:Rule.t -> template:string -> source:string -> unit -> match' list

all conf nested template source finds all matches of template in source. If nested is true, template matching will descend recursively on matched content.

val first : ?configuration:configuration -> ?shift:int -> ?filepath:string -> string -> string -> match' Core_kernel.Or_error.t

first conf shift template source finds the first match of template in source starting at position shift (default 0).

val name : string

name returns the name of this matcher (e.g., "C", "Go", etc.).

val extensions : string list

extensions returns the file extensions associated with the language that this matcher supports (e.g., ".c" and "h" for C).

val set_rewrite_template : string -> unit

set_rewrite_template is currently unused.