package comby

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The kinds of holes with associated matching behavior:

  • Everything is the default hole that matches across newlines and within the bounds of code blocks or strings, and lazily between prefix and suffix strings in a given template.
  • Expression matches expression-like syntax that corresponds to contiguous well-formed code structures or strings that are whitespace separated.
  • Alphanum matches alphanumeric characters and underscore.
  • Non_space matches one or more alphanumeric characters and punctuation like ., ;, and - that do not affect balanced syntax. Language dependent.
  • Line matches zero or more characters up to a newline, including the newline.
  • Blank matches one or more spaces or tabs.
  • Regex matches a string based on a regular expression.
type sort =
  1. | Everything
  2. | Expression
  3. | Alphanum
  4. | Non_space
  5. | Line
  6. | Blank
  7. | Regex