package eio

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Trace Eio events using OCaml's runtime events system.

type id = private int

Each thread/fiber/promise is identified by a unique ID.

val mint_id : unit -> id

mint_id () is a fresh unique id.

Recording events

Libraries and applications can use these functions to make the traces more useful.

val log : string -> unit

log msg attaches text msg to the current fiber.

val name : id -> string -> unit

name id label sets label as the name for id.

val with_span : string -> (unit -> 'a) -> 'a

with_span op fn runs fn (), labelling the timespan during which it runs with op.

val suspend_fiber : string -> unit

suspend_fiber op records that the current fiber is now suspended waiting for op.

Recording system events

These are normally only called by the scheduler.

val create_fiber : cc:id -> id -> unit

create_fiber ~cc id records the creation of fiber id in context cc.

val create_cc : id -> Eio_runtime_events.cc_ty -> unit

create_cc id ty records the creation of cancellation context id.

val create_obj : ?label:string -> id -> Eio_runtime_events.obj_ty -> unit

create_obj id ty records the creation of id.

val get : id -> unit

get src records reading a promise, taking from a stream, taking a lock, etc.

val try_get : id -> unit

try_get src records that the current fiber wants to get from src (which is not currently ready).

val put : id -> unit

put dst records resolving a promise, adding to a stream, releasing a lock, etc.

val fiber : id -> unit

fiber id records that id is now the current fiber for this domain.

val suspend_domain : Runtime_events.Type.span -> unit

suspend_domain records when the event loop is stopped waiting for events from the OS.

val domain_spawn : parent:id -> unit

domain_spawn ~parent records that the current domain was spawned by fiber parent.

val exit_cc : unit -> unit

exit_cc () records that the current CC has finished.

val exit_fiber : id -> unit

exit_fiber id records that fiber id has finished.

val error : id -> exn -> unit

error id exn records that id received an error.