package eio

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A counting semaphore.

The API is based on OCaml's Semaphore.Counting.

The difference is that when waiting for the semaphore this will switch to the next runnable fiber, whereas the stdlib one will block the whole domain.

Semaphores are thread-safe and so can be shared between domains and used to synchronise between them.

type t

The type of counting semaphores.

val make : int -> t

make n returns a new counting semaphore, with initial value n. The initial value n must be nonnegative.

  • raises Invalid_argument

    if n < 0

val release : t -> unit

release t increments the value of semaphore t. If other fibers are waiting on t, the one that has been waiting the longest is resumed.

  • raises Sys_error

    if the value of the semaphore would overflow max_int

val acquire : t -> unit

acquire t blocks the calling fiber until the value of semaphore t is not zero, then atomically decrements the value of t and returns.

val get_value : t -> int

get_value t returns the current value of semaphore t.


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