package eio

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A set of timers.

module Key : sig ... end

A handle to a registered timer.

type t

A set of timers (implemented as a priority queue).

type item =
  1. | Fiber of unit Suspended.t
  2. | Fn of unit -> unit
val create : unit -> t

create () is a fresh empty queue.

val add : t -> Mtime.t -> item -> Key.t

add t time item adds a new event, due at time, and returns its ID.

If item is a Fiber, you must use Eio.Private.Fiber_context.set_cancel_fn on it before calling pop. Your cancel function should call remove (in addition to resuming it).

val remove : t -> Key.t -> unit

remove t key removes an event previously added with add.

val pop : t -> now:Mtime.t -> [ `Due of item | `Wait_until of Mtime.t | `Nothing ]

pop ~now t removes and returns the earliest item due by now. For fibers, it also clears the thread's cancel function. If no item is due yet, it returns the time the earliest item becomes due.


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