package git-unix

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type t

The type of an entry.

type source =
  1. | From of Hash.t

    To notice than an user-defined source exists for the delta-ification.

  2. | None

    To notice than no user-defined source exists.


The type of a source.

val pp : t Fmt.t

Pretty-printer for t.

val pp_source : source Fmt.t

Pretty-printer for source.

val hash : string -> int

hash path produces a integer to correspond with path.

val make : Hash.t -> ?name:string -> ?preferred:bool -> ?delta:source -> Git.Pack.Kind.t -> int64 -> t

make hash ?name ?preferred ?delta kind length returns a new entry when:

  • hash corresponds to the unique ID of the git object.
  • name corresponds to the optional name of the git object. For a Tree or a Blob, the client should notice the given name (to optimize the delta-ification).
  • preferred notices to the delta-ification algorithm to prefer to use this entry as a source.
  • delta notices an existing user specified source for the entry (and the delta-ification algorithm will use it).
  • kind corresponds to the kind of the object.
  • length corresponds to the real inflated length of the object.
val kind : t -> Git.Pack.Kind.t
val preferred : t -> bool
val delta : t -> source
val length : t -> int64
val with_delta : t -> source -> t
val with_preferred : t -> bool -> t
val id : t -> Hash.t

id t returns the unique identifier of the entry t.

val name : t -> string -> t

name t name provides a new t with the specified name.

val compare : t -> t -> int

The comparison function for the entry t. It returns 0 when a equal b. It returns a negative integer if a is less than b and a positive integer when a is greater than b. This function is used to sort a list of entries with the Git heuristic and produce an optimal delta-ification.

According to Git, it's a lexicographic sort by the Kind.t, the optional name of the entry (hashed by hash) and sorted by size (larger to smaller).

val topological_sort : t list -> t list

topological_sort lst orders lst so that no entry precedes an entry it depends upon. So you will find any entries considered as a source before any entries when you apply the delta-ification.


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