package git-unix

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type stream = unit -> Cstruct.t option Lwt.t

The stream contains the PACK flow.

val from : t -> stream -> (Hash.t * int, error) result Lwt.t

from git stream populates the Git repository git from the PACK flow stream. If any error is encountered, any Git objects of the PACK flow are not added in the Git repository.

val make : t -> ?window:[ `Object of int | `Memory of int ] -> ?depth:int -> Value.t list -> (stream * (Checkseum.Crc32.t * int64) Hash.Map.t Lwt_mvar.t, error) result Lwt.t

make ?window ?depth values makes a PACK stream from a list of Value.t.

?window specifies the weight of the window while the delta-ification. The client can limit the weight by the number of objects in the windoz (by default, is 10) or by the weight in byte of the window in your memory.

depth (default is 50) limits the depth of the delta-ification.

Then, the function returns a stream and a protected variable which contains a representation of the associated IDX file of the PACK stream. This protected variable is available (Lwt_mvar.take) only at the end of the PACK stream. That means, the client needs to consume all of the stream and only then he can take the Graph.t associated.


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