package git-unix

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type headers

The type for header maps. A header map represents a list of HTTP headers. It maps header field names to their value.

type path = string list

The type for HTTP absolute_paths represented by its non-empty list of URI segments. Note that URI segments can be empty; in particular the absolute path "/" is the list with a single empty segment and is thus represented by the list [""].

type version = int * int

The type for representing HTTP-Version fields. Both integers must be in the interval [0;9].

type meth = [
  1. | `GET
  2. | `HEAD
  3. | `POST
  4. | `PUT
  5. | `DELETE
  6. | `CONNECT
  7. | `OPTIONS
  8. | `TRACE
  9. | `PATCH
  10. | `Other of string

The type for HTTP request methods.

module Headers : sig ... end

Headers. FIXME(dbuenzli): The semantic of this module considers than a field can contain multiple values. However, it's should be the wrong way to abstract values of headers - and let the user to consider than specific field can have multiple values.


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