Hardcaml Verification Tools
module Literal : sig ... end

A literal is an input bit to the CNF. They are constructed with the vector and bit functions, negated with (~:) and managed as a group within a Disjunction.t.

module Disjunction : sig ... end

A collection of literals which are OR'd together.

module Conjunction : sig ... end

A collection of disjunctions which are AND'd together.

type t
val sexp_of_t : t -> Sexplib0.Sexp.t
val (~:) : Literal.t -> Literal.t

Not of a literal.

val create : Conjunction.t -> t

Create CNF from a Conjunction.t.

val fold : t -> init:'a -> f:( 'a -> Disjunction.t -> 'a ) -> 'a

Fold over each disjunction in CNF

val iter : t -> f:( Disjunction.t -> Base.unit ) -> Base.unit

Iter over each disjunction in CNF

val to_int_literal : t -> Literal.t -> Base.int Base.option

Get an integer representing the literal. It is negative if the literal is negated. Returns None if the literal is not in the CNF.

val number_of_variables : t -> Base.int

Total number of variables in the CNF

val number_of_clauses : t -> Base.int

Total number of clauses in the CNF.

module type Model = sig ... end
module Model_with_bits : sig ... end
module Model_with_vectors : sig ... end