package mirage-xen

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Event channels handlers.

type event

identifies the an event notification received from xen

val program_start : event

represents an event which 'fired' when the program started

val after : Eventchn.t -> event -> event Lwt.t

next channel event blocks until the system receives an event newer than event on channel channel. If an event is received while we aren't looking then this will be remembered and the next call to after will immediately unblock. If the system is suspended and then resumed, all event channel bindings are invalidated and this function will fail with Generation.Invalid

Low level interface

val wait : Eventchn.t -> unit Lwt.t

wait evtchn is a cancellable thread that will wake up when evtchn is notified. Cancel it if you are no longer interested in waiting on evtchn. Note that if the notification is sent before wait is called then the notification is lost.

val run : Eventchn.handle -> unit

run () goes through the event mask and activate any events, potentially spawning new threads. This function is called by Do not call it unless you know what you are doing.

val resume : unit -> unit

resume needs to be called after the unikernel is resumed. However, this function is automatically called by Sched.suspend. Do NOT use it unless you know what you are doing.

val dump : unit -> unit

dump () prints internal state to the console for debugging