package mirage-xen

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Memory management operations.

type stat = {
  1. heap_words : int;

    total number of words allocatable on the heap.

  2. live_words : int;

    number of live (i.e. allocated) words on the heap.

  3. stack_words : int;

    number of words in use by the program stack. This includes any space reserved by a stack guard.

  4. free_words : int;

    number of free (i.e. allocatable) words on the heap.


Memory allocation statistics. Units are the system word size, as used by the OCaml stdlib Gc module.

val stat : unit -> stat

stat () returns memory allocation statistics. This uses mallinfo and walks over the entire heap. This call is slower than quick_stat.

val quick_stat : unit -> stat

quick_stat () returns memory allocation statistics. This call uses a precomputed value. This call is cheaper than stat, but the returned values may not be completely accurate.

val trim : unit -> unit

trim () release free memory from the heap (may update the value returned by quick_stat)

val metrics : ?quick:bool -> tags:'a Metrics.Tags.t -> unit -> ('a, unit -> Metrics.Data.t) Metrics.src

metrics ~quick ~tags is a metrics source calling quick_stat (unless quick is set to false) or stat. By default, this metrics source is registered with Metrics_lwt.periodically (with quick set to true.


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