package tyxml-syntax

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Element child argument assemblers. These are almost parsers, except they only tell how to pass already-parsed children to element functions.

type assembler = lang:Common.lang -> loc:Ppxlib.Location.t -> name:string -> Ppxlib.expression Common.value list -> (Ppxlib.arg_label * Ppxlib.expression) list

Assemblers satisfy: assembler ~lang ~loc ~name children evaluates to a list of optionally-labeled parse trees for passing children to the the element function for element name. For example, for a table element


The assembler table, when called with the parsed children, will evaluate to parse trees representing

~thead:(* the thead element *) [(* the tbody element *)]

This satisfies the child arguments in the signature of Html_sigs.T.tablex. The ~table label is represented by the string "table", and the unlabeled list argument is paired with the empty string.

The argument implementation is the name of the module providing the run-time implementation of the element function that will be applied to the children. It is either Html or Svg, and is based on the element's namespace. It is used for wrapping child elements, and for scoping child txt elements.

The name argument is used for error reporting.


val nullary : assembler
val unary : assembler
val star : assembler


val html : assembler
val head : assembler
val figure : assembler
val object_ : assembler
val audio_video : assembler
val table : assembler
val fieldset : assembler
val datalist : assembler
val details : assembler
val menu : assembler
val picture : assembler
val script : assembler
val textarea : assembler

Misc utilities

val filter_surrounding_whitespace : Ppxlib.expression Common.value list -> Ppxlib.expression Common.value list

Remove txt node containing only whitespace that are at the beginning or the end of the list.

val comp_filter_whitespace : assembler -> assembler

Improve an assembler by removing txt nodes containing only whitespace


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