package tyxml-syntax

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module Attribute_value : sig ... end

Attribute value parsers and parser combinators.

module Attributes : sig ... end

Attribute parsing.

module Common : sig ... end
module Element : sig ... end

Element parsing.

module Element_content : sig ... end

Element child argument assemblers. These are almost parsers, except they only tell how to pass already-parsed children to element functions.

module Html_sigs_reflected : sig ... end
module Html_types_reflected : sig ... end
module Name_convention : sig ... end

Gives the tyxml names for HTML elements and attributes.

module Namespace : sig ... end

Namespace-specific values.

module Sigs_reflected : sig ... end

Signature of Html_sigs_reflected and Svg_sigs_reflected (but not Html_types_reflected).

module Svg_sigs_reflected : sig ... end
module Svg_types_reflected : sig ... end

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