package tezos-protocol-012-Psithaca

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Module type
Class type

Lazy storage ids are kept as abstract as possible to avoid mixing them up.

Behind the scene they are Z.ts but, within the protocol, only parse_data/ unparse_data are allowed convert from/to it.

Temporary ids may be used to pass values between contracts that won't be kept longer than the lifetime of the operation. Behind the scene, temporary ids are negative Z.ts.

type t
val compare : t -> t -> int
val encoding : t Data_encoding.t
val rpc_arg : t Tezos_protocol_environment_012_Psithaca__Environment.RPC_arg.t
val init : t

Initial value for ids: zero.

val parse_z : Z.t -> t

In the protocol, to be used in parse_data only

val unparse_to_z : t -> Z.t

In the protocol, to be used in unparse_data only

val next : t -> t
val is_temp : t -> bool
val of_legacy_USE_ONLY_IN_Legacy_big_map_diff : Z.t -> t
val to_legacy_USE_ONLY_IN_Legacy_big_map_diff : t -> Z.t
include Path_encoding.S with type t := t
val to_path : t -> string list -> string list

to_path t postfix returns the context path name for t postfixed with postfix

val of_path : string list -> t option

of_path path parses path as a context path name for t

val path_length : int

Directory levels of the path encoding of t


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