package tezos-protocol-012-Psithaca

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Tezos Protocol Implementation - Typed storage builders.

@see Make_subcontext

Given a Raw_context, return a new Raw_context that projects into a given subtree. Similar to a functional lens.

module type INDEX = sig ... end

A type that can be serialized as a string list, and used as a prefix in the typed datastore.

module Pair (I1 : INDEX) (I2 : INDEX) : INDEX with type t = I1.t * I2.t

Create storage for a compound type.

Like Make_data_set_storage, adding tracking of storage cost.

This functor creates storage for types with a notion of an index.

Like Make_indexed_data_storage, adding tracking of storage cost.

module Make_indexed_subcontext (C : Raw_context.T) (I : INDEX) : Storage_sigs.Indexed_raw_context with type t = C.t and type key = I.t and type 'a ipath = 'a I.ipath
module type WRAPPER = sig ... end

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