package tezos-protocol-012-Psithaca

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Module type
Class type
val current : Raw_context.t -> Level_repr.t
val previous : Raw_context.t -> Level_repr.t
val from_raw_with_offset : Raw_context.t -> offset:int32 -> Raw_level_repr.t -> (Level_repr.t, Tezos_protocol_environment_012_Psithaca__Environment.Error_monad.error Tezos_protocol_environment_012_Psithaca__Environment.Error_monad.trace) result

Fails with Negative_level_and_offset_sum if the sum of the raw_level and the offset is negative.

val pred : Raw_context.t -> Level_repr.t -> Level_repr.t option
val add : Raw_context.t -> Level_repr.t -> int -> Level_repr.t

i must be positive

val sub : Raw_context.t -> Level_repr.t -> int -> Level_repr.t option

sub c level i returns None if the level is before the first level of the Alpha family of protocol, otherwise it returns the expected level. i must be positive.

val first_level_in_cycle : Raw_context.t -> Cycle_repr.t -> Level_repr.t
val last_level_in_cycle : Raw_context.t -> Cycle_repr.t -> Level_repr.t
val levels_in_cycle : Raw_context.t -> Cycle_repr.t -> Level_repr.t list
val levels_in_current_cycle : Raw_context.t -> ?offset:int32 -> unit -> Level_repr.t list
val levels_with_commitments_in_cycle : Raw_context.t -> Cycle_repr.t -> Level_repr.t list
val last_allowed_fork_level : Raw_context.t -> Raw_level_repr.t
val dawn_of_a_new_cycle : Raw_context.t -> Cycle_repr.t option

Returns Some cycle if the current level represents the last level of cycle and None if the level is not the last level of a cycle.

val may_snapshot_rolls : Raw_context.t -> bool

Returns true if the rolls should be snapshot at the current level.


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